Stellar Perspectives from Hungary


by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

A message came to us in November, 2007 that revealed a process. We would like to explain this process from the Heavenly perspective. (This process is controlled by the mystical Holy Spirit, the 13th Stellar Nation, which is described in our book “Stellar Nations–Soul Families” Volume II, pages 331-360.)

More than 100 years ago, the Divine Plan of the Ascension was born. In this plan, the Heavenly keepers of the planet prognosticated a program cycle for humanity. It was anchored in the sphere of Earth on August 17, 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. Starting in 2005 each of the ensuing years was to serve as a collective retuning of the mental-body, the emotional-body and the spiritual-body, working towards the re-establishment of stellar/galactic consciousness in humanity.

However, humanity had fallen behind in the realization of the goals set by the Heavenly Plan. Too many Lightworkers were leaving their pathway and the lights of many lanterns ceased to show others the way. Humanity, especially Lightworkers, has a very special duty and fate towards the Divine Plan of the Ascension. This plan can come to fruition if everyone can follow the shortest distance between two points. That means that each one of us needs to live our own fate, our originally chosen highest level destiny, for this is “the shortest distance between two points.”

The 2007 message unveiled the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Time. The Holy Spirit showed us that to live “the shortest distance between two points”, the “the knots of fate” that a person becomes bound in have to be unraveled. To help humanity work with this, the illusion of time has speeded up. That is why it seems that life is dictating an ever faster pace.

TIME does not really exist though. It is a quality which arranges our experiences in a linear way, as a referential principle, in accordance with a collective human agreement. But it is still an illusion and as such, it is a completely relative and subjective perception.

According to the message of the Holy Spirit, the experiencing of time can be changed on the personal and collective levels… Each and every step taken against our destiny consumes time and consumes life. Diseases are born from the steps taken against our fate and the more such knots of fate we collect, the shorter our lives will be. On the other hand, the more knots of fate we resolve and smooth out, the time and the possibility for life –Life itself — is increased. As somehow, time is nothing else but Life itself. Time is the experience of Life.

The revelation said that as people go through the correction of fate and return to their original destiny path, their vitality can grow. Their experiencing and joy in life can grow, as well as the sense of fulfillment. In this way, the collective destiny can also be healed.

According to the message of the Holy Spirit, by a Fate Correction offered in 2007, a relative, local Earthly time loop was connected to the Earth. This means that while on the Galactic level everything happens in the previous rhythm, the experience of time on Earth has been altered to offer individuals and the collective a “reality container” that presents the opportunity, the time, to reach the vibrational level and heart quality necessary for further spiritual awakening; to unravel the knots of fate one is bound in and realign with one’s original destiny. This opportunity asks for a serious and committed response from all of us.

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New Year Confidence

dp_profileby Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farm

I find it interesting that in the Western cultures we celebrate New Year during winter. It is a deep quiet time, good for reflection. In the Chinese 5 Element understand of life winter relates to the water element, the kidney and bladder systems and transforming fear and trauma in to confidence. Helpful for most of us these days!

The kidney organ energy meridian system is the source and storehouse of chi, physical life force. It supports the adrenals and the immune system. The kidney system holds the memory of family lineage trauma. Fear and shock are the emotional responses most associated with the kidney system.


The bladder organ energy meridian system encourages you to pace yourself and to rest so you don’t deplete your energy supply, and it also supports the immune system. The bladder system relates to the central nervous system including the brain, the emotion of fear and to personal trauma.

The Kidney and Bladder Organ Energy Meridian Blends support shifting from fear to confidence, from depletion to a strong immune system and from fatigue to recharged energy levels. They are available at Wise Awakening in the Tree Frog Farm display. Or contact me for a custom blend of essences. My next practitioner day at Wise Awakening is Thursday, January 12th. Call 360-758-7260 to schedule.

InJoy, Diana

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From Diana’s Altar . . .

As we know our actual New Year begins at Spring Equinox, but as we launch into 2017 this is the perfect time to set intentions for what we choose to manifest come Spring! Instead of making ‘resolutions’, in invite you to consider deeply contemplating your vision for the near future and beyond.

On New Year’s Eve Bob and I sat quietly in reflection and gratitude for what we accomplished in 2016. Being in the state of gratitude helped us to more clearly envision what we hope to ‘flower’ for spring. As a ritual (with colored pencils), I drew a great deciduous tree with very deep roots. Along the outline of the roots I wrote the words and phrases of all that I choose to release and in the bare branches I wrote words and phrases for all I choose to receive. It was powerful and fun! It is important that we create fun ways of doing our spiritual ‘work’.

Acknowledging current events and the signs of our time – I have to ask “Isn’t this the moment we have been preparing for?” It is important that we put into practice all the years of study, devotion, meditation and prayer! It is important that we manage our energy and ‘use our tools’! We know what to do – so it is important that we do it! Create your best life! Be the peace you seek. Be the mirror of what you want to reflect in the world and allow that beautiful picture to return to you.

All you BEAUTIFUL COMPASSIONATE HEARTS, please join me in my commitment to raise my vibration in some way every single day; to let go of judgment, embrace the joy of life, focus on gratitude, love more deeply, and BE in JOY! Together we will assist humanity in making a quantum leap forward!

Always with Love! . . . Diana

Happy Birthday to my precious daughter Darlene Yusuf
and dear brother-in-law Gerry Clow

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Tarot Reading for January 2017

laura.abernathy“PRINCE OF WANDS”
(Page or Knight)

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

Last month in December, our community was advised through the Moon trump card that there was a high likelihood of Souls “falling asleep” during this time of decreasing light. To avoid this, we needed to keep always in our mind and heart’s eye the image of the Sun in its “silence”, as it is a portent of forthcoming renewal. How did you do? Did you stay awake? If you struggled with this like many of us did, the Prince of Wands will help.

Source is telling our Wise Awakening community through the Prince of Wands that in January 2017, we have been given our “marching orders” and it is time to act on them.

The royalty cards are steps of manifestation, two invisible and two visible, touched with the essence of their suit. Here is a practical example… imagine going for a walk. We have the thought and inspiration to move forward (King/Knight). Our leg receives the impulse from our brain (Queen). Our leg lifts, bending at the knee, reaching up and forward in an arc. Then it powers downward toward the ground (Prince). Our foot bears our full weight into the ground, completing the step, with Earth absorbing the energy of our inspiration or will to move (Princess).

The Prince of Wands is the leg responding to the call from the brain to move forward in our walk of passion.

Here are some Qabalistic attributes of this card:

Element: Air of Fire
World: Yeziratic (Yetzirah)
Sephira: Tipareth
Meaning: Psyche or Intellect
Life Energy: Actively carries out the energy of the King and Queen of Wands
Hebrew Letter: Vau (nail)
Imagery: Rides in a chariot
Temple Tool: The Wand or Divine Will
Qualities: Inspiration
Nature Example: The Sun

Are you feeling inspired about a cause? Do you see a place where you can do the most good? These are very timely questions following the November U.S. presidential election. You know now what you need to do and moving forward feels compelling and imperative, doesn’t it?

Along with this ignited fire in our belly, we may need to fight in ourselves cowardice, intolerance and righteousness, all in order to step up. If you sit this one out due to the work required, how happy will you be down the road? Be noble in seeing all sides of situations. Be strong, just and humorous. “Fight against the odds and win in the long run”, as Crowley put it.

The key this month is consistent motion forward. Think of the Sun’s power; always alive, burning, exuding, expressing – even on quiet solar flare days. Be like the Sun, wildly heralding your Inner Call….steady, powerful, bright, unrelenting.

[The Court cards, or Royalty cards as I call them, are doorways to the four worlds of the Tree of Life. Another way of describing them is the four dimensions of Hermetic Qabalah. These four worlds or dimensions are also known as Jacob’s Ladder, a story from Genesis 28 that symbolizes the raising of human consciousness towards God consciousness. The Prince of Wands from the Thoth deck, is the same as the Knight or Page of Wands in other decks.]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy
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Meraki Moments

by David Ison



My Essential Self speaks and delivers a wonderful gift which I’m honored to share with all of you: The Gift of Acknowledgement and Self Appreciation.

Here is what I learned:
We don’t thank ourselves for our efforts nearly enough. We don’t take the time to recognize the benefits of our actions, nor do we give ourselves the credit for making the positive choices that we make.

In the end, we don’t know how to acknowledge ourselves, or others for that matter, for our good works. This can change…
The Practice of acknowledgement…the portal to Self-Appreciation and Self Love:

The practice of acknowledgment is the gateway to the sense of personal appreciation and honest self-love. Taking the time to acknowledge oneself and others generates a consistent experience of positive life-affirming energy and fills the body, mind, and spirit with the vibrations of peace, love, and understanding.

Here is a meditation suggestion that will support you in choosing to create the energy of acknowledgement within yourself and others:

At the end of your regular meditation, before you come back to the world around you, spend just a few precious moments receiving and then experiencing the Essence of Gratitude for the insights you have gained through your commitment to your practice.

Now, through the portal of Gratitude, acknowledge your Essential Self. Say thank you for its presence in your life, for its wisdom and its love. Feel your Essential Self thank you for giving it the space and time to speak directly to you. Resonate with the beauty of the Essence of Self Love.

Allow this feeling to flow through your body and mind, ending up in your heart. Let the Essence of quiet appreciation move throughout your entire being, allowing you to come alive with the feelings of unconditional love and the beauty of who you truly are. With this energy moving throughout your entire body and mind, slowly come back to the world and carry that vibration with you into your day.

I encourage you to give yourself a healthy dose of this positive life energy each and every day…each and every moment.
You’ll be glad you did.

Deep Peace and Meraki, my friends….David

Building Our Core of Peace

 gloria_20formalby Gloria Harrison
The Centre for the New Human

At The Centre for the New Human, for our November offering, we had the privilege of hosting Laura Bedford, a true ambassador for Inner Peace. Laura shared stories with us about her adventures walking across America, where she trusted in the abundance of love, compassion and basic resources coming her way from the hearts of all the people she met along her path. Laura exudes inner peace and joy, as evidenced by the words she chooses to express and how she expresses them, by the openness to everyone that she displays, and by the calming energy she holds as she interacts with others. Laura has developed this “inner muscle” through her choices to let go, to greatly simplify her life, and to truly “walk her talk” as she continues to Walkabout the World Supporting Inner Peace and Healing Joy. She is a living example for all of us, of the importance of building our core of inner peace; for each of us as individuals, for our families, for our community, for America, and for the world, as global citizens.

In this current period of great divisiveness, not only in our country, but even within our families and friendships, we are clearly seeing the extremes in the ways we express our anger, our disappointments, and our fears. This is not a time, however, to judge others’ behaviors and beliefs; even though everything in us wants to do just that. It is a time to develop that core muscle in the direction of creating inner peace. “As within, so without.” We do not necessarily have to take Laura’s path, walking across the country with a very small footprint; we can do this right here where we are, in our daily walkabout in our own community. By taking that moment to pause before we engage with others who might be expressing a thought or belief we do not agree with, we can then thoughtfully respond, rather than merely reacting. By taking the time to deeply listen to that person without judgment, asking instead, “what are the fears being expressed here?” we can gain a glimpse into the mirror of our own fears. By expressing our own beliefs and opinions, not in a way that says “you should think like me,” but in such a way that allows our innate wisdom to emerge; we can then find common ground and connection.

These are just three of the ways we can develop that inner core of peace. Engaging in a spiritual practice, meditating, surrounding ourselves with symbolic reminders, helping others in need, creating ritual, reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing our consumerism, and walking in nature are some other ways. I am challenging myself to engage in “exercises” that will build that muscle. I challenge you to do the same. If not now, when?

The Centre for the New Human will call you back to our next offering on Sunday, January 15, 2017. As you gather with family and friends over this holiday season, may you be reminded in myriad ways of what’s truly important; expressing from your heart, manifesting gratitude and loving kindness, and forgiving self and others.

Copyright 2016 Gloria Harrison


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The Power of Your Word

mandy_kingby Mandy King

Thoughts are like weather systems. Storms brew, sunshine brings growth, rain softens, volcanos erupt, a calm, clear day is pleasant and so on. When we speak, we unleash our weather upon the world. We have witnessed the power of the word over the last several months in our political scene and the results are in our face. Fighting, hatred, divisiveness, families and friends at odds, civil unrest and disobedience have swept across our land like a tidal wave. Where will we end up? That depends on us.

Listen to your thoughts and the words you speak, especially the words and phrases you repeat habitually. Do they serve Love or fear? Are they complaints or compliments? Do they criticize or encourage? Intimidate or elevate? Do they feel open, expansive and relaxed or hard, tense and aggravating? It doesn’t matter if you express it to yourself or others, your subconscious absorbs it like a sponge and uses it to create your reality. And then your reality contributes to the collective. Clearly, we are long overdue for some mental potty-training.

We have the power to generate positive outcome, personally and collectively but we must take full responsibility for our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and words. We get to choose what we allow to live within us. If a thought creates an unpleasant feeling or shuts you down, it’s not a thought worth keeping. Can it and invite in a happier, healthier and more helpful thought. If the words flying out of your mouth taste like poison darts, stop talking.

We can deliver our Truth with kindness. We can stand in our power without hating or blaming anyone else. Love is always in our hearts. We just need to flood it into our minds and mouths. Speak with love and love is where we will end up. Aho!

Be the Love,
Mandy King