Stellar Perspectives from Hungary

by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskóbeatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

The Message of the Heavenly Swan ~ 12 February 2017

The next days will be bringing a wonderful and liberating stellar influence to us as between the 11th and 16th February, our Sun will be in conjunction with Sadr, the star that shines in the center of the constellation Cygnus, burning in the heart of the Celestial Swan.

As we could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nations, there is a very special mystery, an incredibly powerful and important Gate of Redemption living on this star. “We understood that the former messengers of Christ seem to take retreat in the shelter of this Swan, those who had somehow denied their fate and their pathway and departed from that for any reason – betrayed their belief and thus the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Bears. They had stepped out of the bonds of the Temple of Christ and looked for new ways, but they could never find such peace and love that had surrounded them in their original Heavenly home. Therefore after their long and very painful roaming they retreat into the shelter of the Swan and they search for the way back, ceaselessly. On the other hand, having recognized their former mistake, sin and betrayal, they took up the sacrifice of very long cycles of penitence, with the self-tormenting, self-punishing attitude that they “nailed themselves to the cross” so that by taking the sufferings of Christ onto themselves, they would relieve the burden of their sin and betrayal, hoping to get absolution this way.

It is also very interesting that while the Southern Cross is the celestial location of the Temple of Christ, there is such an energy of Redemption emerging in the heart of the Swan that forms the Northern Cross – which is actually the center of an exact cross within the body of this Swan – and there is such a Gate of Redemption living there, through which the Christ soul can absolve and lift up that priest, preacher and messenger of Christ to Himself, who had left their pathway, and wish to return Home now.
So there is a wonderful and an almost staggeringly gentle presence of Christ living on this star and it was an inexpressibly great joy and privilege to meet with Him, we think of this touching moment with a grateful heart, always.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families)

This message has special significance for those who read latest book “Calling You” thus understand even more the importance and Divine beauty of this star. We advice you also to listen to our meditation called “In the heart of the Celestial Swan” which has been released in English as well lately.
You can read the brief introduction of this meditation CD here:
“This beautiful and exquisitely powerful journey of our soul reveals us the mystery of such a stellar world that resides in the heart of the Swan constellation – in the celestial realm of Sadr. There is a very powerful gate of Mercy revealed in this stellar sphere, which can give us tremendous help by the mysterious and miraculous sacred moment of lifting us off the “cross of suffering” and so by this special and mystical moment we can let go of our recurring physical and spiritual cycles of pain and all those ancient karmic patterns which we are ready to leave for good. Then through the inner guidance of this meditation, we can also become the channels of this unique and very powerful mystery to provide similar help to our loved ones and those we are entrusted with.”

The meditation can be purchased in digital MP3 version through our webshop:

We wish you blessed and liberating days!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

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Tarot Reading for February 2017

laura.abernathy“The 4 of Discs – Power”

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

After last month’s guidance to “power downward toward the ground” in the march of following our Inner Calling, we now receive acknowledgement that our effort has been grounded.  In the February card, the 4 of Discs – Power,  Source is telling our Wise Awakening community that while we have succeeded in birthing our Inner Calling into matter, it is not yet a full manifestation.   We are experiencing the calm before the storm.

The essence of this card is dominant, yet unaggressive, feminine energy that has been applied through negotiation and consensus.  This is a rebirth of the Light.  Defense only occurs when threats are imminent.

Th4-discs-powere imagery in the card shows an enclosed fortress, the result of the maintenance of law
and order through perpetual vigilance.  It is surrounded by the assets of a moat and earth fields, critical to survival, all protected by the fortress.  As I write this article, marches and protests are happening against the violation of U.S. constitutional rights all across the nation.  This vigilance will continue to show up in our outer community, as well as within ourselves.

In February we need to remain organized and prepared inside of our heart and mind.  What thoughts and emotions am I harboring and do they truly serve me?  What changes do I need to make in myself that will support the fulfillment of my Inner Calling, along with my community’s goals?    We must ensure that our sacred space sanctuary (aka fortress) at home is clean, energized and ready for our own refuge and recharging.

Typically in this suit the disks are round, but in this card they are square.  The squareness represents stationary strength as opposed to the turning nimbleness of circles.  The key this month is to continue to hold our inner and outer worlds in order and strength, while preparing for the storm on the horizon.   While stationary strength serves our Inner Calling right now, we must also use this time to gather and brush off our nimbleness skills.   They will be needed very soon!

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Making Our New Year’s Resolutions Work!

freedom_girl__2_By Jan White, LFIBA, RMT,D.D.

One year over and the next one just beginning …
This is the time that we usually sit down and decide what resolutions and goals we want to set in motion. But, unfortunately, in a couple of months they don’t appear important, or for that matter, possible to manifest. And so you give up and go on with your life the way you have been for the past several years.

But what if this year is different? What would your life be like if you can change your reality? Well, you can!
Let’s make 2017 your banner year. The year that your life shifted into what you really want it to be.

Universal Law dictates that whatever you focus on returns to you. This is especially true of the feelings you feel when you experience situations. Feeling fear creates more fearful experiences. Feeling anger creates more situations coming into your life making you feel angry. These negative feelings that you have been holding inside of you creates the patterns that keep occurring in your life. This is the basis of what you see as your what is happening in your life right now, your reality. You want to change your reality? Then change the patterns … change the bottlenecks holding you back from what you wish your life to be.

Well, how do you do that?

Step One: Take some time by yourself and think about the situations that appeared to have repeatedly occurred this past year — that made you feel negative feelings: anger, frustration, depression, sadness, fear, loss, etc.

Step Two: Now, on a piece of paper draw 2 columns. In the first column write down what negative feelings you felt in each of these situations. In the second column list the lessons you gained (the realizations and insights gained from those experiences that have made you a better person) from each of the situations that seem to reoccur. It is the recognition of these insights that release the need for continuing to experience the patterns since your awareness now includes what lessons were required.

Step Three: Performing “ceremony”, one that resonates with your personality and comfort level, makes your intentions more significant, more powerful, and sends clarity to the Universe/God/Source of the partnership in this experience. Sit with your feet on the ground, or sit on the ground, have a ceramic bowl nearby and the list you just created. Invite your guides, Source/God, etc to be participants in the ceremony and say the following (or what feels right to you):

“I ask that the energies of my Ancestors and any and all representatives of my Divine Support group be present at this ceremony, drawing forth the requests expressed today and manifesting these expressions into what is in the Highest Good and Best Interest for all. This is a commitment ceremony between me, my Higher Self, and Life.

I ask that these negative emotions (mentally identify what these are or use your list) be placed in a pink bubble and sent into the Universe away from doing any harm.
I also ask that these feelings be released from each of my bodies and that healing takes its place. I recognize that these represented/listed lessons were to be learned and I acknowledge that it is now complete and done.
I hereby forgive any transgressions, and equally, forgive myself for any and all. I ask that blessings and peace be given to (Name of Persons or Situations Being Released, as well as myself) and that all wrongs, unbalances, and karmic obligations be complete by this action.

Burn the list in the bowl and then:
Visualize golden light coming from above your body, drawn down into your body, into every pore and atom of your 4 bodies (mental, emotional, physical, and core essence), down into the earth, and then see it brought up through the earth into your body, into and out of the top of your head and then shooting up above you.

When you feel it has permeated your entire Self, then enlarge and expand it around you and under and over you. Allow some time to actually feel this.

“This concludes our ceremony. I thank each and every Divine Support energy for their attendance here and in their participation of the power of its fulfillment and consecration. I am in gratitude and appreciation. I now release Each from this ceremony and ask blessings for my continual support and assistance. So be it and so it is. It is done. It is done. It is done.”

I congratulate you on making this monumental step in shifting your life. May you only experience: joy, peace, love, Knowingness, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

Jan White, LFIBA,RMT,D.D., Holistic Counselor, REIKI Master Teacher, Wellness Columnist and founder of ARTISTRY OF CHANGE, specializes in issues of empowerment, anxiety, depression, relationships, communication, Spiritual Emergence, unresolved core issues, mastering Life’s Changes, transitions, and healing chronic/traumatic illness. She can be reached at (509) 230-1964

Stellar Perspectives from Hungary


by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

A message came to us in November, 2007 that revealed a process. We would like to explain this process from the Heavenly perspective. (This process is controlled by the mystical Holy Spirit, the 13th Stellar Nation, which is described in our book “Stellar Nations–Soul Families” Volume II, pages 331-360.)

More than 100 years ago, the Divine Plan of the Ascension was born. In this plan, the Heavenly keepers of the planet prognosticated a program cycle for humanity. It was anchored in the sphere of Earth on August 17, 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. Starting in 2005 each of the ensuing years was to serve as a collective retuning of the mental-body, the emotional-body and the spiritual-body, working towards the re-establishment of stellar/galactic consciousness in humanity.

However, humanity had fallen behind in the realization of the goals set by the Heavenly Plan. Too many Lightworkers were leaving their pathway and the lights of many lanterns ceased to show others the way. Humanity, especially Lightworkers, has a very special duty and fate towards the Divine Plan of the Ascension. This plan can come to fruition if everyone can follow the shortest distance between two points. That means that each one of us needs to live our own fate, our originally chosen highest level destiny, for this is “the shortest distance between two points.”

The 2007 message unveiled the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Time. The Holy Spirit showed us that to live “the shortest distance between two points”, the “the knots of fate” that a person becomes bound in have to be unraveled. To help humanity work with this, the illusion of time has speeded up. That is why it seems that life is dictating an ever faster pace.

TIME does not really exist though. It is a quality which arranges our experiences in a linear way, as a referential principle, in accordance with a collective human agreement. But it is still an illusion and as such, it is a completely relative and subjective perception.

According to the message of the Holy Spirit, the experiencing of time can be changed on the personal and collective levels… Each and every step taken against our destiny consumes time and consumes life. Diseases are born from the steps taken against our fate and the more such knots of fate we collect, the shorter our lives will be. On the other hand, the more knots of fate we resolve and smooth out, the time and the possibility for life –Life itself — is increased. As somehow, time is nothing else but Life itself. Time is the experience of Life.

The revelation said that as people go through the correction of fate and return to their original destiny path, their vitality can grow. Their experiencing and joy in life can grow, as well as the sense of fulfillment. In this way, the collective destiny can also be healed.

According to the message of the Holy Spirit, by a Fate Correction offered in 2007, a relative, local Earthly time loop was connected to the Earth. This means that while on the Galactic level everything happens in the previous rhythm, the experience of time on Earth has been altered to offer individuals and the collective a “reality container” that presents the opportunity, the time, to reach the vibrational level and heart quality necessary for further spiritual awakening; to unravel the knots of fate one is bound in and realign with one’s original destiny. This opportunity asks for a serious and committed response from all of us.

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New Year Confidence

dp_profileby Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farm

I find it interesting that in the Western cultures we celebrate New Year during winter. It is a deep quiet time, good for reflection. In the Chinese 5 Element understand of life winter relates to the water element, the kidney and bladder systems and transforming fear and trauma in to confidence. Helpful for most of us these days!

The kidney organ energy meridian system is the source and storehouse of chi, physical life force. It supports the adrenals and the immune system. The kidney system holds the memory of family lineage trauma. Fear and shock are the emotional responses most associated with the kidney system.


The bladder organ energy meridian system encourages you to pace yourself and to rest so you don’t deplete your energy supply, and it also supports the immune system. The bladder system relates to the central nervous system including the brain, the emotion of fear and to personal trauma.

The Kidney and Bladder Organ Energy Meridian Blends support shifting from fear to confidence, from depletion to a strong immune system and from fatigue to recharged energy levels. They are available at Wise Awakening in the Tree Frog Farm display. Or contact me for a custom blend of essences. My next practitioner day at Wise Awakening is Thursday, January 12th. Call 360-758-7260 to schedule.

InJoy, Diana

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From Diana’s Altar . . .

As we know our actual New Year begins at Spring Equinox, but as we launch into 2017 this is the perfect time to set intentions for what we choose to manifest come Spring! Instead of making ‘resolutions’, in invite you to consider deeply contemplating your vision for the near future and beyond.

On New Year’s Eve Bob and I sat quietly in reflection and gratitude for what we accomplished in 2016. Being in the state of gratitude helped us to more clearly envision what we hope to ‘flower’ for spring. As a ritual (with colored pencils), I drew a great deciduous tree with very deep roots. Along the outline of the roots I wrote the words and phrases of all that I choose to release and in the bare branches I wrote words and phrases for all I choose to receive. It was powerful and fun! It is important that we create fun ways of doing our spiritual ‘work’.

Acknowledging current events and the signs of our time – I have to ask “Isn’t this the moment we have been preparing for?” It is important that we put into practice all the years of study, devotion, meditation and prayer! It is important that we manage our energy and ‘use our tools’! We know what to do – so it is important that we do it! Create your best life! Be the peace you seek. Be the mirror of what you want to reflect in the world and allow that beautiful picture to return to you.

All you BEAUTIFUL COMPASSIONATE HEARTS, please join me in my commitment to raise my vibration in some way every single day; to let go of judgment, embrace the joy of life, focus on gratitude, love more deeply, and BE in JOY! Together we will assist humanity in making a quantum leap forward!

Always with Love! . . . Diana

Happy Birthday to my precious daughter Darlene Yusuf
and dear brother-in-law Gerry Clow

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Tarot Reading for January 2017

laura.abernathy“PRINCE OF WANDS”
(Page or Knight)

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

Last month in December, our community was advised through the Moon trump card that there was a high likelihood of Souls “falling asleep” during this time of decreasing light. To avoid this, we needed to keep always in our mind and heart’s eye the image of the Sun in its “silence”, as it is a portent of forthcoming renewal. How did you do? Did you stay awake? If you struggled with this like many of us did, the Prince of Wands will help.

Source is telling our Wise Awakening community through the Prince of Wands that in January 2017, we have been given our “marching orders” and it is time to act on them.

The royalty cards are steps of manifestation, two invisible and two visible, touched with the essence of their suit. Here is a practical example… imagine going for a walk. We have the thought and inspiration to move forward (King/Knight). Our leg receives the impulse from our brain (Queen). Our leg lifts, bending at the knee, reaching up and forward in an arc. Then it powers downward toward the ground (Prince). Our foot bears our full weight into the ground, completing the step, with Earth absorbing the energy of our inspiration or will to move (Princess).

The Prince of Wands is the leg responding to the call from the brain to move forward in our walk of passion.

Here are some Qabalistic attributes of this card:

Element: Air of Fire
World: Yeziratic (Yetzirah)
Sephira: Tipareth
Meaning: Psyche or Intellect
Life Energy: Actively carries out the energy of the King and Queen of Wands
Hebrew Letter: Vau (nail)
Imagery: Rides in a chariot
Temple Tool: The Wand or Divine Will
Qualities: Inspiration
Nature Example: The Sun

Are you feeling inspired about a cause? Do you see a place where you can do the most good? These are very timely questions following the November U.S. presidential election. You know now what you need to do and moving forward feels compelling and imperative, doesn’t it?

Along with this ignited fire in our belly, we may need to fight in ourselves cowardice, intolerance and righteousness, all in order to step up. If you sit this one out due to the work required, how happy will you be down the road? Be noble in seeing all sides of situations. Be strong, just and humorous. “Fight against the odds and win in the long run”, as Crowley put it.

The key this month is consistent motion forward. Think of the Sun’s power; always alive, burning, exuding, expressing – even on quiet solar flare days. Be like the Sun, wildly heralding your Inner Call….steady, powerful, bright, unrelenting.

[The Court cards, or Royalty cards as I call them, are doorways to the four worlds of the Tree of Life. Another way of describing them is the four dimensions of Hermetic Qabalah. These four worlds or dimensions are also known as Jacob’s Ladder, a story from Genesis 28 that symbolizes the raising of human consciousness towards God consciousness. The Prince of Wands from the Thoth deck, is the same as the Knight or Page of Wands in other decks.]

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