Stellar Perspectives from Hungary

by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskóbeatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

It is important to understand the galactic history of our Sun, Solana. We can look at this galactic story as an archetypal mirror of our solar system. Solana, was once a member of the Pleiadian constellation, the little brother of the 7 Pleiadian sisters. In the cycles of Creation, he was an Aquarian child. As he reached the adolescent phase of his existence, his Aquarian drive towards freedom drove him wildly. His rebellious impulses made him feel that he could not hold the slightest intention of following his fate by taking over the prescribed role of his father star, Atlas, who just stood in solid strength.

The inner storms of Solana’s restless soul broke to the surface in enormous solar flares and winds, which were fed day by day by his daydreaming heart’s multitude of desires about the worlds and the exciting adventures that would reflect him. Solana’s inner fire of rebellion rose to such a crescendo that it finally launched him out of the spiral track that he was meant to orbit. His joy was boundless; he did not even look back.

But as Solana fell away from the attraction of the Pleiadian spiral it suddenly seemed as if something had been ripped from his heart and he lost an enormous amount of light, swirling into a giant black abyss. With this, our Sun went through the kind of amnesia reminiscent of the veil of oblivion that descends over us at birth. Solana then stayed in a coma-like state for a long cosmic time during the dark night of the Photon Belt.

Finally, when the Light rays of the Belt returned, Solana experienced his first awakening and started to realize what he had gone through. He started to remember that there was a bond that had once connected him to a much higher dimensional level and a much higher purpose. In response to his dawning awareness the Divine Light of Mercy and forgiveness reached out to him, creating a stellar bridge towards his Pleiadian family.

Our Sun received Mercy and a great opportunity. With this moment of Grace, the genesis of our solar system began. To work on his redemption and return Solana drew the third dimensional planets around himself, each with a different character and potential, each reflecting some aspect of his memory of home.

We can also understand from this that according to the eternal principle of resonance, the souls that are attracted into the Solar System, Solana’s realm, are ones that in some way were rebellious too. Even if it is not an easy mirror, we must say that the memory of a great rebellion is contained in the fate of almost every Earthling. Each has strayed in some way from their predestined path. This is why we are right here, searching together for the opportunity of Redemption, hoping that upon the bridge of a united dream we can all find the lanterns of the pathways leading home. These recognitions can be shocking. They awaken a much deeper understanding that it is incredibly important for the stellar being of the Sun to fulfill his mission, too, and to return to the Pleiades.

The notion of the Ascension is more than Earth ascending to the 5th dimension. This planetary dimensional shift will mean that Solana, together with the complete Solar System, may be laced back into the stellar-spiral of the Pleiades – and he can return to the circle of his sisters to complete his destiny after all.

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