Tarot Reading for Fall 2017


laura.abernathy10 of Cups

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

Fall this year runs from September 22nd, 1:02 pm PDT, through December 21st, 8:28 am PST.

With the 10 of Cups, Satiety, as our Autumn card, our Wise Awakening community continues forward in the energy of water. As the watery Hanged Man trump card of Summer closes out, ask yourself if you felt that sense of receptivity flowing through the season? Was it easier to surrender to your Divine Higher Self? I would wager than any remaining blocks were wetly swept away in these final weeks like category 5 hurricanes!

The Hanged Man was a perfect entry into our emotional evolution. And having the 10 of Cups as our next road sign tells us that we have done very well in that emotional transformation. In Summer with the Hanged Man, we stood on the high dive board above the dark, menacing ocean of transformation, trembling with fear and courage, and dove in. The 10 of Cups says that we have surfaced amidst a now calm sea, exhausted yet reborn.


This means that, after a brief rest, we are ready for the next phase. First it is best tofocus on some basics like doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge and putting away the patio furniture. While we feel great peace from our recent deep inner work, we will begin to recognize a simmering desire for a change. As Fall moves into Winter, we will see this simmering come to a full boil and demand all of our attention. Approaching this new game we are being called to play, we will need maturity and balance. For the sake of our loved ones, we need to do our best to avoid criticism of others because our “inner lava” can do great harm right now.

This is a time to clarify what platform is best for us to engage with people emotionally, and it is time to take action to initiate it. For example, have you been working with people primarily one to one? Maybe it is time to work with groups. Have you been working from home over the phone or virtually? Maybe it is time to set up an office in town to see people in person. Have you been mostly working behind the scenes? Maybe it is time to be front and center. Have you been working in direct sales? Maybe it is time to write a book on effective selling. You have just completed a major life cycle (possibly decades long) doing it the current way, and it is time to be YOU in a better way!

In the imagery of the card, the ten cups are arranged as the Tree of Life. Behind the Tree is a sky reflecting a reddish glow of irritation. This illustrates the intense need for a complete and massive change of scenery, background or environment for the Soul to move into its next best form. Avoiding the need for this change will result in our misery and recycling back into old patterns that will not serve anyone. You already dove off the high dive board internally. Now it’s time to dive off the high dive board externally!

[Note: There are 22 trump cards, also called the Major Arcana, in a tarot deck. Each one describes a chapter in the hero/shero’s journey. This journey can be described as the Soul embarking on a quest to “Know Thyself”, returning home as a fully conscious Being, ready to fulfill one’s unique life purpose. Another way I like to describe this journey is the experience of traveling up the Tree of Life to “see the face of God”, and returning to the physical realm, alive and sane. For you left brain readers….the 22 trump cards start with zero – the Fool – and end with twenty one – the Universe (World).]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy
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