6 Ways to Manifest Prosperity

cherylBy Cheryl McNulty, LMP, Mind Body Spirit Fusion Union

Some may complain that it’s harder to make ends meet these days due to stagnant wages, inflation or other factors that are beyond our control.

We tend overlook ways in which we can attract abundance that are in our control. Thoughts, intentions, behaviors and language all have an energetic force that manifests into opportunities, understanding, awareness, changes in attitude and perception, and even money.

Here are 6 ways in which you can manifest prosperity for yourself:

INTENTION: Asking for or dreaming about money, a new car, jewelry or the latest technological gadget isn’t a bad thing, but what is your intention when asking for these things? Do you want money so that you can just splurge it on items that you don’t really need or do you want money in order to help your family live a better life? Do you want a new car to show off to the neighbors or do you want a new car so that you would feel more secure about travelling between your work and home?

Be candid with yourself about why you are asking for the things that you want.

LIVING HONORABLY: Having integrity in your personal and professional lives takes commitment and an earnest desire to uphold your honorable character. Living honorably means showing respect for others, being honest with yourself and others, saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION: Listen to that voice inside you instead of blocking it out because it may not seem rational or normal. Your intuition protects you as well as guides you to better opportunities and experiences.

BE SPIRITUAL: Being spiritual doesn’t mean being religious. It means to be mindful of the energy created by yourself, others, the Earth and the Universe. Being spiritual is having reverence for the fact that we are all connected so to treat others as you would like to be treated.

BE GRATEFUL: Take time each day to reflect on all that you have in your life; family, friends, health, shelter, food, and so on. The universe doesn’t extend gifts to those that don’t appreciate them.

FORGIVENESS: Learn to let go of the past and forgive yourself and others for the pain or embarrassment of certain events. No one can change what happened, so forgive and move on.

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