Honoring the Sacred


by Mandy Officer

​Today I give thanks for Sunshine! As a new resident of Washington, my appreciation for sunlight is at an all time high. We are coming upon the Summer Solstice when the Sun will reach its highest point in the sky as seen from our hemisphere and this brings with it more opportunity to get outside to express gratitude for the elements which sustain our lives. Unless we cultivate a routine in which we honor and acknowledge the elemental forces of nature, the fact that we are inextricably connected to and dependent upon the elements of air, fire, water and earth becomes easy to overlook and take for granted. Although many people in our culture might not have the opportunity to sit in front of fire often, it is an element that we rely upon to power all life on Earth as we know it. Each day as we experience the sun rising above us, we are given a new chance to say ‘thank you’ for our lives.

The elementals are waiting to be acknowledged and thanked. In fact, I have received many messages about how these beings are not feeling honored and that they are no longer interested in sticking around on the plane of existence unless we are willing to take action in being a voice to speak up to protect and thank them for their life giving gifts. We know that without air, our lives will be extinguished in the matter of minutes, and yet how often do most of us take a moment to thank the element of air for the breath we breathe each moment? Or more, how often do we consider thanking the plants and trees for the clean, pure oxygen they provide us. Without them we would not exist.

Water is another element that needs our love and support right now. All over the world conflict is erupting in attempts to control water rights. Many people on our planet do not have access to clean water or have to go to great lengths to procure drinking water. As Masaru Emoto showed in his research on water molecules, water holds memory. This means we have the ability to affect the molecular structure of water, the lifeblood of our bodies. We can program water to hold an intention of healing, just like we can with crystals. This concept is not necessarily new to many people, and yet it takes self-discipline to incorporate a practice of honoring the most sacred aspects of life. This is a power we have been given that our Essential Self wants us to participate in. This is the very nature of ceremony and at the heart of ritual offerings. This act of communicating gratitude to the natural forces of the Universe is what enhances life force and elevates consciousness, as it is the key to Creation energy. Similarly, when we are not feeding our Spirit through this type of acknowledging of the Mystery behind the physical world, our life force can start to fade and we can feel weakened by the mundane challenges of daily life. Each morning when I get up, the very first thing I do is to go out and make an offering and greet the elements and the seven directions. I let my heart do the communicating and I allow myself to feel connected to the trees surrounding my home and the creek that runs through my yard. I ask them to be my allies in protecting me and my home, and in return I offer them immense gratitude and offerings of beautiful objects such as tobacco, crystals, flower petals and more although, I know the purity of my heart love is the most valuable thing I can offer.

How do you choose to honor the sacred?

With love,
Mandy Officer


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