Tarot Reading for Summer 2017


laura.abernathy“Hanged Man”

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

After an intense, heated and wild ride through Winter and Spring, our Wise Awakening community will have some respite from the fire. The element of water is fully upon us with the Hanged Man, and we have a full season to experience it!

The Hanged Man brings us back into the realm of feminine energy which vibrates with the essence of receiving and transforming. This trump card IS water. The Hebrew letter Mem (“water”) and the downward triangle (the science water symbol) both sit at the foot of the card. Imagine how in human life the Egg (earth) receives the Sperm (fire), and the fertilized egg evolves and transforms in the sea of the womb (water). The Hanged Man represents the Soul surrendering to the Divine in order to be reborn as a transformed being. This is a conscious return to the spiritual womb in order to release limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This requires immense love for, and trust in, the Divine Force of Life to lead the way. Also required is love for, and trust in, ourselves to manage the birth canal to our New Self. Once reborn, having taken that first sacred breath (air) as our New Self, we are like a supernova…a star exploding with exponentialized love and light, emanating into our community and beyond to the Cosmos.

hanged_man_2We can prepare for this summer of transformation by relaxing our fixed attachment to how things are. This is how a baby moves through the birth canal – by letting go of the womb and relaxing amidst the discomfort. In life, when discomfort arises around what is not working for you, be brave, breathe deep, relax and look it straight in the face. Get support in examining why you feel the way you feel. Examine what might be holding you back:

• what have I been told is true but might not be?
• what am I assuming will repeat just because it has happened that way before?
• what opinions do I hold that might be limiting me?

• how can I consider other possible interpretations?

During this upcoming summer, be like a fetus evolving in the womb, gracefully surrendered to your Divine Higher Self. Connect with the original memory of your inherent and boundless wealth. Recognize that this is a period of baptism or initiation and be grateful for the tests of honor and readiness.

[DATE CHANGE for the class Introduction to the Thoth Tarot Deck at Tree of Life Sanctuary. It has been changed to Saturday, August 19, 2017, 11 am to 1 pm. The fee is $25. If you would like to learn more about this class, email me at Info@TreeofLifeSanctuary.org.]

[Note: There are 22 trump cards, also called the Major Arcana, in a tarot deck. Each one describes a chapter in the hero/shero’s journey. This journey can be described as the Soul embarking on a quest to “Know Thyself”, returning home as a fully conscious Being, ready to fulfill one’s unique life purpose. Another way I like to describe this journey is the experience of traveling up the Tree of Life to “see the face of God”, and returning to the physical realm, alive and sane. For you left brain readers….the 22 trump cards start with zero – the Fool – and end with twenty one – the Universe (World).]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy
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