Honoring the Sacred


by Mandy Officer

​Today I give thanks for Sunshine! As a new resident of Washington, my appreciation for sunlight is at an all time high. We are coming upon the Summer Solstice when the Sun will reach its highest point in the sky as seen from our hemisphere and this brings with it more opportunity to get outside to express gratitude for the elements which sustain our lives. Unless we cultivate a routine in which we honor and acknowledge the elemental forces of nature, the fact that we are inextricably connected to and dependent upon the elements of air, fire, water and earth becomes easy to overlook and take for granted. Although many people in our culture might not have the opportunity to sit in front of fire often, it is an element that we rely upon to power all life on Earth as we know it. Each day as we experience the sun rising above us, we are given a new chance to say ‘thank you’ for our lives.

The elementals are waiting to be acknowledged and thanked. In fact, I have received many messages about how these beings are not feeling honored and that they are no longer interested in sticking around on the plane of existence unless we are willing to take action in being a voice to speak up to protect and thank them for their life giving gifts. We know that without air, our lives will be extinguished in the matter of minutes, and yet how often do most of us take a moment to thank the element of air for the breath we breathe each moment? Or more, how often do we consider thanking the plants and trees for the clean, pure oxygen they provide us. Without them we would not exist.

Water is another element that needs our love and support right now. All over the world conflict is erupting in attempts to control water rights. Many people on our planet do not have access to clean water or have to go to great lengths to procure drinking water. As Masaru Emoto showed in his research on water molecules, water holds memory. This means we have the ability to affect the molecular structure of water, the lifeblood of our bodies. We can program water to hold an intention of healing, just like we can with crystals. This concept is not necessarily new to many people, and yet it takes self-discipline to incorporate a practice of honoring the most sacred aspects of life. This is a power we have been given that our Essential Self wants us to participate in. This is the very nature of ceremony and at the heart of ritual offerings. This act of communicating gratitude to the natural forces of the Universe is what enhances life force and elevates consciousness, as it is the key to Creation energy. Similarly, when we are not feeding our Spirit through this type of acknowledging of the Mystery behind the physical world, our life force can start to fade and we can feel weakened by the mundane challenges of daily life. Each morning when I get up, the very first thing I do is to go out and make an offering and greet the elements and the seven directions. I let my heart do the communicating and I allow myself to feel connected to the trees surrounding my home and the creek that runs through my yard. I ask them to be my allies in protecting me and my home, and in return I offer them immense gratitude and offerings of beautiful objects such as tobacco, crystals, flower petals and more although, I know the purity of my heart love is the most valuable thing I can offer.

How do you choose to honor the sacred?

With love,
Mandy Officer


Stellar Perspectives from Hungary

beatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

We entered an important cycle on April 28, 2017 when the Ascending Moon Node, which represents the personal and collective karmic destiny path, left Virgo and entered the majestic, shining, noble and fiery sign of Leo. This brings the principles of the Leo-Aquarius axis into focus for the next one and a half years (until November 16, 2018).

We consider this karmic cycle more as a great global life cycle, because throughout earthly history, the age of Light and Remembering always arrives along the Leo-Aquarius axis, with the activating effect of the Photon Belt. It opens and retunes the energy field of the Higher Collective Consciousness so that the activating rays of the Sun codes may awaken those members of humanity who are still dormant. Thus the process of a deep karmic healing can begin.

It can be expected that during this one and a half years, and especially in the first half of it, that the unresolved tension and energy of the karmic history of Atlantis could come to the surface again as the opposing powers and military groups of Atlantian times line up against one another. We may envision that this time the earth only shakes under the thrones of the shadow forces – with no natural disasters or wars. We can envision that the Earth shakes off the unworthy, parasitic rulers who have forgotten what it means to work for the good of their communities. So a great exposure, unmasking and clarification wave can be expected on the global levels of power.

At the same time, this is a period during which we have to attend to the games of the ego, disguised in so many different ways, in ourselves and in others, too. If one is truly seeking the pathway of Light, they should have the courage to detect all of their own low vibrational motivations and watch over their own spiritual purity first; to remain as soul-torches burning with awareness and the pure light of the heart. As we say, “We have not come and received Light to nurture our ego, but to work out the pathway of our soul. We are not born to win the battles for our ego, but for our heart to triumph”. This value should thrive within despite the fact that the world praises and exalts overgrown egos.

This moment does not call us to become victims and sacrifice ourselves, but to create a balance, with perfect alchemy, between self-evaluation, self-confidence and humility. If we can realize this, then this period can gift us with success, a radiant glow from within and dynamic creativity. This period, lived properly, can bring the feeling of fulfillment, the feeling that “I am doing just what I’ve always been preparing for”.

If we can truly lift the qualities of Aquarius to the highest octave in us, demanding that we celebrate and achieve the desires and freedom of our own unique and special beings while simultaneously working for common interests and values; then human communities and the interwoven collective dreams among them can bring into focus the fate alternative of the Ascension. And then we can crown this new, noble-hearted power with the shining sign of Leo.

On its highest possible octave – especially because the glorious star Regulus was aligned with the entrance point of the North Moon Node at the start of the cycle – this initiating alignment can set the tone of the cycle and can mean that the governments of the world have the possibility to renew themselves. Instead of games of power and exploitation, souls with the codes of the true initiated Winged Lion rulers may be touched by heaven and called upon. This could be true for leaders of governments as well as different large companies.

So it is worth watching over the purity of our own soul and heart with sincere awareness, and to join with each other to receive the new destiny codes of the planet. We must remain in our center and power even if chaos takes over the spheres of power and even if the situation seems very confused and hopeless. Who would keep the faith and hope of Light in the world, if not us, the Lightworkers?


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Tarot Reading for Summer 2017


laura.abernathy“Hanged Man”

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

After an intense, heated and wild ride through Winter and Spring, our Wise Awakening community will have some respite from the fire. The element of water is fully upon us with the Hanged Man, and we have a full season to experience it!

The Hanged Man brings us back into the realm of feminine energy which vibrates with the essence of receiving and transforming. This trump card IS water. The Hebrew letter Mem (“water”) and the downward triangle (the science water symbol) both sit at the foot of the card. Imagine how in human life the Egg (earth) receives the Sperm (fire), and the fertilized egg evolves and transforms in the sea of the womb (water). The Hanged Man represents the Soul surrendering to the Divine in order to be reborn as a transformed being. This is a conscious return to the spiritual womb in order to release limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This requires immense love for, and trust in, the Divine Force of Life to lead the way. Also required is love for, and trust in, ourselves to manage the birth canal to our New Self. Once reborn, having taken that first sacred breath (air) as our New Self, we are like a supernova…a star exploding with exponentialized love and light, emanating into our community and beyond to the Cosmos.

hanged_man_2We can prepare for this summer of transformation by relaxing our fixed attachment to how things are. This is how a baby moves through the birth canal – by letting go of the womb and relaxing amidst the discomfort. In life, when discomfort arises around what is not working for you, be brave, breathe deep, relax and look it straight in the face. Get support in examining why you feel the way you feel. Examine what might be holding you back:

• what have I been told is true but might not be?
• what am I assuming will repeat just because it has happened that way before?
• what opinions do I hold that might be limiting me?

• how can I consider other possible interpretations?

During this upcoming summer, be like a fetus evolving in the womb, gracefully surrendered to your Divine Higher Self. Connect with the original memory of your inherent and boundless wealth. Recognize that this is a period of baptism or initiation and be grateful for the tests of honor and readiness.

[DATE CHANGE for the class Introduction to the Thoth Tarot Deck at Tree of Life Sanctuary. It has been changed to Saturday, August 19, 2017, 11 am to 1 pm. The fee is $25. If you would like to learn more about this class, email me at Info@TreeofLifeSanctuary.org.]

[Note: There are 22 trump cards, also called the Major Arcana, in a tarot deck. Each one describes a chapter in the hero/shero’s journey. This journey can be described as the Soul embarking on a quest to “Know Thyself”, returning home as a fully conscious Being, ready to fulfill one’s unique life purpose. Another way I like to describe this journey is the experience of traveling up the Tree of Life to “see the face of God”, and returning to the physical realm, alive and sane. For you left brain readers….the 22 trump cards start with zero – the Fool – and end with twenty one – the Universe (World).]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy
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