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eyeFrom Diana’s Altar . . .

For most of my youth, I was a competitive roller skater. Competing in every classification possible, I loved my skating. Investing hours every week in training and sessions, I was gratefully mentored by some of the finest coaches in the business. It broke my heart when I was forced to give it up in my late teens, but the skills and knowledge I gleaned from my extensive training gifted me a strong agile athletic body, mind and spirit. Showered with compliments time and again for being so ‘graceful’, my entire being thrived on wheels! I can still feel the hardwood beneath my wonderful skates, which had grown to be a part of me. Every day I couldn’t wait to get out on the floor! I was so passionate and disciplined. I felt free and alive.

It seemed like my body would and could do anything I asked of it! When I started dancing as an adult, my partner said, “You float across the floor like you are on water”. What a beautiful complement! It is one thing to be ‘graceful’, but I have been wondering about being IN Grace? Of course, we all want to be in the state of grace. I wanted to explore it more deeply to understand how to Be in it and more importantly find a way to Stay in it. I closed my eyes and remembered my skating – how blissful to be moving at such high speeds across a skating rink practicing my routine content of jumps and spins….so fast. I could land with practically no sound as I completed my jumps. It was so easy and effortless. My will, devotion, discipline, persistence and determination partnering with my intention…love, flow, ease…..Grace. Still I pondered.

In the Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild, there is a card, ‘Resplendent with Grace’ and I would like share a part of the card’s description:

“Is it difficult to see your magnificence? Without a mirror the size of a galaxy, how could you possibly witness all that you are? You must just catch glimpses of your truth now and then. Oh, if you could see yourself as I see you in all your glorious fullness of being! You are swathed in robes of grace, so light and freeing that they do not weigh you down, and yet so luscious and full that you cannot help but stir the movement of all of creation as you step this way and that.”

I believe Grace is the experience of wonder, gratitude and unconditional love; when you are in harmony with yourself, with others and with all of Creation. It is when your body, mind and spirit are in harmony with the way of nature and universal law. Grace is the spiritual freedom that appears when you realize that your incarnation is the greatest gift.

Always with Love (and hopefully a little bit of GRACE) . . . Diana


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