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1637-michael_cropped - june 2014 - 2Tip of the Week
by Michael O’Conner – Life Coach, Astrologer

The New Moon in Taurus on April 26 was extra special because it was ‘cazimi’, which means the Moon was positioned exactly at the center point of the Sun. Due to its closeness to the Sun, this can be understood as the opposite of a Solar Eclipse which occurs when the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size. The Cazimi Moon is considered auspicious and confers brilliance, genius even and may manifest as a rare spiritual signature in one’s Natal Chart and energetically when it occurs generally, as with this one. So, this is a special lunation.

The fact that Mercury was and remains retrograde until May 3rd adds a twist to the plot. Mercury Rx in Aries supports a strong focus and ability to be fully present in the moment, at best, but can prove very impatient and short-sighted, at worst. Mercury was also conjunct Uranus on April 28 and will be again on May 9th while again in its direct, forward motion. Mercury conjunct Uranus is also quite auspicious supporting an unusually open mind yet is more likely to activate dreaming, in Technicolor, than to take deliberate and practical action.

Venus re-enters Aries on April 28 about 90 minutes prior to the Mercury/Uranus conjunction. Venus will remain in Aries until May 16 before entering her own sign of Taurus. Saturn makes an exact square to Chiron on the 30th while still close to conjunct the Galactic Center. Generally, this refers to the need for healing at a collective level. Mass deception and limiting subconscious beliefs are some of the main issues to overcome.

Michael O’Connor

Life Coach Astrologer



Meraki Moments

-david45323 (1)Practicing the Constancy of Choice, Developing Heart Harmony and Aligning with your Essential Self.

My friends, now more than ever we are being called upon to maintain and deepen our practice of spiritual activism. It’s time…each of us needs to make a strong commitment to performing the practices that develop the Essences of wisdom, truth and honest authentic compassion within our hearts and minds. In Meraki, we understand that developing, maintaining and deepening our alignment with these sacred Essences is a matter of continuously choosing to do so, a process we call: “The Constancy of Choice.”

The Constancy of Choice teaches us that unless we choose to perform these practices continuously and with true, honest joy, we will naturally return to our old ways of thinking, reacting and behaving. In order to create lasting transformation and liberation we need to practice these techniques moment to moment with a clarified intention, constantly choosing to do so.

Here it is:

In truth, embracing the joy of constantly choosing creates the conditions that allows your Essential Self to come forward. When we face the constancy of choice with a sense of happiness and fulfillment, we discover something profound:

It is the joy of accepting the responsibility to choose that brings us the fulfillment we have been seeking all along.

In the beginning:

The first step in the Constancy of Choice is the illustrious practice of observing the reality as it is. This practice teaches us to “see” ourselves and the world around us simply for what they are rather than through the lens of our definitions and desires. By seeing reality for simply what it is, we are recognizing and validating said reality for itself and nothing else. This happens because we are no longer imposing our definitions, our visions, our desires on anyone or anything.

This act of clearly observing allows us to RECEIVE.

Here is a nice equation that describes the movements within this practice.





Spend a few moments observing and contemplating this function. See how observing leads to recognizing, which leads to validation, which creates the possibility of receiving what you are observing.

Going deeper:

Living within each and every one of us are the seeds of true unconditional self love and self awareness. Hidden under the layers of our desires, attachments and expectations this Essence–our true nature–is waiting to emerge.

Clearing the passageways so that the Essential Self can come forward, opening the heart, releasing and receiving the Essence of unconditional self love are universal purposes we all share. Learning to be present with our feelings and transcending our possessive, demanding natures seems to be a never ending story… a story that is written over and over again, in person after person, in culture after culture. This can CHANGE. This change is initiated and maintained through the Constancy of Choice.

Start with your Heart:

By centering yourself and focusing your awareness on the heart itself, you can begin to feel this part of your body giving and receiving, giving and receiving.

Unconditional… constant…. true… YOU.

Through this experience you can come into a profound reverence for the beauty of heart for simply what it is. Energized by the sense of reverence, you can begin to observe the emotional, energetic and indeed physical impediments that surrounds and blocks the opening of the heart energy.

What happens is this:

During your meditations and through the practice of the Constancy of Choice, you begin to clear passage ways for the Essential Self to flow through, allowing the Essential Self and all its attributes to move easily into your awareness. The Essential Self will rise to forefront of your being, filling your body, mind and spirit with the Essence of YOU.

At a certain point, this understanding will come through:

The Essential Self is ever present. The Essential Self is constant…just like the movements of the heart. Constantly creating, giving life, constantly being life itself. Understanding this level of constancy is one of the most important processes that brings you to the full reception and the embodiment of the Essential Self.

The simple act of observing the heart perform its life giving functions is an extremely powerful meditation. When practiced together with the techniques of observing the reality as it is and the constancy of choice, the possibility for a truly transformative experience unfolds.

So… Let’s meditate:

Make the choice to enter this experience with your mind full of happiness. Celebrate this opportunity to be in the presence of unconditional love, for yourself and for the world at large. Understand that through the power of observation and receiving you create the opportunity for the continued alignment and unity between the body and mind. This experience will increase the flow of vital force and continue to create the clear channel for the emergence of the Essential Self.

Breathe… relax… let go and center yourself. When you feel ready, focus on the movements of your heart, both physical and emotional. Feel its rhythm and the constant motion of giving and receiving, giving and receiving. Experience the unconditional love within your heart and discover the presence of your Essential Self.
Hint: Your Essential Self is riding on waves of unconditional self love….

Gradually begin to feel the energy of the unification between the body and the mind expanding, flooding your awareness with this powerful life Essence. Let go and receive the presence of something larger than your one-dimensional self. This presence is YOU in the first stages of Unification. This is the next stage of your relationship with the Essential self.

You are allowing the unity between the Body and the Mind to clear the channel to your life force and your multidimensional Essential Self.

This understanding brings the practice of the Constancy of Choice into it’s full flowering, aligning that practice with the practice of the realization of the Essential Self.

Remember: Just observe. Don’t try to make anything happen. Just observe and amazingly, the experience of unconditional love will come to you.

Come back slowly to the world around you. Unwind and hold on to the realizations that came to you. Most importantly bring the practice and your experience into your daily routine.

Final Thoughts:

It is through the experience of the harmony between giving and receiving the mystery of the unconditional loving heart is realized. By choosing unification over separation you have created the experience of the simultaneity within your heart and then your mind.

This is Heart Harmony.

At last, the paradox within your consciousness can begin to be resolved and you can truly observe and receive the presence of your Essential Self. This is the secret:

You are giving your acceptance of yourself TO yourself and receiving the yourself at the SAME MOMENT. This is deep unification and the gateway to true Liberation.

Thank you for taking the time to digest and to choose to practice Heart Harmony and the Constancy of Choice. Since I’ve been immersed in this practice my life has changed in so many positive ways. It gets easier and easier every day.

And you know what?

If I can do it…you can too.

Deep Peace and Meraki to you all.

David Ison