Stellar Perspectives from Hungary

by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskóbeatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

In our mapping of the Stellar Nations, as we were taken through the Akashic Records held on the star Antares, the chronicles also revealed that our Planet Earth has actually gone through a much longer spiritual and physical evolutionary process than we would ever imagine.

There was the period when the Nation of the Unicorn perceived that a planet wished to be created at this corner of the galactic sky. The galactic connections for this took place at the beautiful stellar lake of the star Fomalhaut. From here the mystical process of creation began, by which the morphogenetic field was created that started to draw the layers of the planet together – so that the body of the Earth could be formed according to the Idea.

And then we could see that there had been ages when the Pegasus galloped around the planet in order to connect the Earth with the consciousness of the Milky Way. There were ages when the waters of the ancient oceans were attuned by the stellar codes of the whales and dolphins. There were times when this world had holy keepers and holy warriors such as the Dragons and dinosaurs. All the 13 Stellar Nations had a time of descending to the planet to leave their traces in her memory.

These stellar Celestial creatures did not know humans yet in these periods as humans were still just observing these manifestations and learning from them, watching from the 4th-5th dimensional levels of the developing Planet Earth.

And then finally the time came when the Stellar Nation of the Cosmic Human descended to Earth and started to adopt the codes of the different stellar nations. This was in accord with the destiny charge given to humans. The celestial name of this nation reflects this: An Rama Holana Om which means the “Eternal Universal Chalice of Life”. So, in the purest dream of Creation, Cosmic Humans have the fate of letting everything – meaning the spiritual codes of all the stellar nations – into themselves during the unfolding of their lives on the galactic stage.

Thus, during the ensuing ages, Cosmic Humans incorporated the codes of the different stellar nations. They let themselves immerse in the different experiencing cycles and took up the “Stellar Blood” of the dragons, the serpents, the great feline warriors, etc. and lived through the light and the dark qualities of these nations. Through the mirrors of encounter playing out in human lives, conflicting aspects of the different stellar nations found reconciliation with each other. This allowed the motion of redemption to work through humans to heal wounds of galactic history. The stars effect earthly humans, but the planets of the humans also influence the stars! The purpose from the beginning to the end, even in our present age, is to find harmony and balance; to fulfill the Oneness amid oppositions.

However, there came a time in our history when humans decided they no longer wanted to identify with any other being. They only wanted to experience themselves and started to reject these beings and codes. Great natural disasters ensued. When nearly everything was destroyed, life froze, and the ice age began. This pattern of exclusion has been repeated through the ages.

We can heal this whole process by experiencing our multidimensional consciousness again. To do this we have to understand the mission and the destiny of the human being inside of us. We can do this by working with the Stellar Nations and the galactic history chronicles. These stories allow us to recognize the true scope of ourselves and to recognize the vast qualities and processes available to us in our galaxy.

You are welcome to join our monthly Wise Awakening Stellar Nations meetings but we ask that you arrange an orientation session first. To do so please e-mail:

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