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From Diana’s Altar . . .

I am writing this from sunny Palm Desert! Bob and I boarded our flight out of Bellingham as the snow was falling and landed in perfect weather! It only took one night to discover how much our moods are affected by weather! I am reminded again and again to “take your vitamin D” and we B-hamsters really need it. I am also reminded, as I bask in this beautiful warmth under gorgeous blue skies, that Spring will surely come soon!!! It only takes one challenging winter to help us appreciate our usually moderate PNW weather. But, oh how I wish I could send you some sunshine with this writing!

As Spring Equinox approaches, Wise Awakening is celebrating our 12 year anniversary!!! It is so exciting to think we have been here serving our community for over a decade! We thank you for all your support and we are grateful for your continued support always!

This is also the time of year when we procure fabulous new crystals and gemstones so please visit the store to see all the goodies! As we move into longer brighter days and evenings our teachers, practitioners and presenters are offering new classes and events, so take a look at our website or Facebook page to view what we have in store for you.

Always and in all ways from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you the love, happiness, abundance, sunshine and new beginnings springtime promises!

Always with Love . . .Diana



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