Tarot Reading for February 2017

laura.abernathy“The 4 of Discs – Power”

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

After last month’s guidance to “power downward toward the ground” in the march of following our Inner Calling, we now receive acknowledgement that our effort has been grounded.  In the February card, the 4 of Discs – Power,  Source is telling our Wise Awakening community that while we have succeeded in birthing our Inner Calling into matter, it is not yet a full manifestation.   We are experiencing the calm before the storm.

The essence of this card is dominant, yet unaggressive, feminine energy that has been applied through negotiation and consensus.  This is a rebirth of the Light.  Defense only occurs when threats are imminent.

Th4-discs-powere imagery in the card shows an enclosed fortress, the result of the maintenance of law
and order through perpetual vigilance.  It is surrounded by the assets of a moat and earth fields, critical to survival, all protected by the fortress.  As I write this article, marches and protests are happening against the violation of U.S. constitutional rights all across the nation.  This vigilance will continue to show up in our outer community, as well as within ourselves.

In February we need to remain organized and prepared inside of our heart and mind.  What thoughts and emotions am I harboring and do they truly serve me?  What changes do I need to make in myself that will support the fulfillment of my Inner Calling, along with my community’s goals?    We must ensure that our sacred space sanctuary (aka fortress) at home is clean, energized and ready for our own refuge and recharging.

Typically in this suit the disks are round, but in this card they are square.  The squareness represents stationary strength as opposed to the turning nimbleness of circles.  The key this month is to continue to hold our inner and outer worlds in order and strength, while preparing for the storm on the horizon.   While stationary strength serves our Inner Calling right now, we must also use this time to gather and brush off our nimbleness skills.   They will be needed very soon!

 [I will be teaching Introduction to the Thoth Tarot Deck at Tree of Life Sanctuary on Saturday, August 12, 2017, 11 am to 1 pm.  The fee is $25.  If you would like to learn more about this class, email me at Info@TreeofLifeSanctuary.org.]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy

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