Will The Real You Stand Up?

jan_white-1by Jan White, LFIBA, RMT, D.D.

A new series, published in the Wellness section of the Coeur d’Alene Press, had as its main focus answering some of life’s annoying perplexities. Questions were responded by columnist, Holistic Counselor and REIKI Master Teacher, Jan White, LFIBA,RMT,D.D. Jan specializes in issues of anxiety, trauma, depression, relationships, loss, unresolved core issues, mastering Life’s Changes, transitions, and healing chronic/traumatic illness.

Dear Jan:

My life has always been being “one of the crowd”. It was a comfortable life… but now everything seems to be in chaos. How do I handle this?
Signed: Out of Control

Dear Out of Control:

There are times when, I am sure, we wish to run away from Change, from the upheaval and the stress that it may cause us to endure.

But the biggest challenge in our life is in discovering and honoring Who We Really Are in a world whose persistence is to make you like everyone else. And it is through the means of Change that our beliefs and unresolved emotional issues are challenged, reviewed and chosen for their appropriateness.

Our journey is a “remembering” that we need to Be and act from who we know we are and not dependent on someone else’s conception. Do we dare take the risk of honoring that?

Your beliefs represent the inner core of who, what, and where you really are. This is what you stand for, strive to become, and acknowledge as what you are. This is the union of the personality (little you) and your Higher Self (large YOU). The time(s) that you go against your conscience/beliefs you experience an agitation of inner turmoil.

Change, or what may appear as chaos, enters into your life when you no longer demonstrate Who You Really Are or are going in a direction away from Who You Always Desired To Be. The pressure to be in alignment with what you know to be your core beliefs now becomes the dominant focus in each of your life experiences and relationships. When you no longer reflect the real you, when your actions do not represent the true who, what, and where of you, then the intensity surfaces in your life to correct that picture.

A Contract of Individuality may be used to define and assist in maintaining the target for what priorities, goals and intentions you wish to accomplish, and secondly, as a commitment of your standards of integrity. In the business world this is referred to as a Mission Statement.

It is said that you cannot reach a target unless you have a target. Once this is identified, then your life becomes easier and more controllable to make the necessary day to day and long term decisions, as the basis of all of your decisions is outlined in the Contract.

The second purpose, that of making a commitment to acknowledge your Standards of Integrity, is as critical to a successful existence as the target. Your integrity represents the inner core, the essence of who, what, and where you really are..

The Contract must be in writing — making it a tangible and sincere commitment with your Self and establishing the partnership between your Self and your Higher Self.

The following questions are usually answered within this Contract, although you may also use a special poem, credo, or passage that represents “what you are all about”:

1. A brief description, term, or word of who you are,
2. A vision of what you want to become,
3. The philosophies and values that are important to you,
4. Your goals and purpose in life, and
5. What distinguishes you from others.

This ongoing journey into our spiritual evolution focuses on honoring, acknowledging, and reinventing Who We Really Are. Only when we can Love ourself, unconditionally, can we ever expect to accept and respect the feelings of others.

Jan White, LFIBA,RMT,D.D. of ARTISTRY OF CHANGE can be reached at (509)230-1964 or emailed to janwhite@artistryofchange.net


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