Stellar Perspectives from Hungary

by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó beatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

In the past decade especially there has been so much talk about “the Ascension”. Those who think about these things may have a very definite feeling about what that means or they may wonder what the concept actually means.

We can share with you what “the Ascension” means to us from the perspective of the Stellar Nations. First we must say that we speak of Christ in this explanation and we realize that unfortunately the human mind and spirit, so trammeled by religious dogma, often shuts off or narrows down with the mention of “Christ”. So let us qualify that this reference to Christ is made in the purest original sense of the mission and gifts of that soul and the teachings that show us that the qualities of the heart that, if assimilated, allow for a higher expression of life.

The Heavenly Temple of Christ resides in the shelter of the constellation Crux, also known as the Southern Cross. These four wonderful stars reflect the foundational principles of Creation: Divine Love, Divine Law, Divine Mercy and Divine Will. These rays are projected into the area of our physical heart; the stars representing the macrocosm with our heart being the corresponding microcosmic reflection.

Let us walk through the stellar pillars to understand this more deeply. The projection of Acrux, with the ray of Divine Love, is located on the top point of our heart. Becrux, with the ray of Divine Law is projected onto the left side of our heart. Gacrux with the ray of Divine Mercy is placed on the lower point of our heart and the stellar point of Delta Crucis which shines the ray of Divine Will is placed on the right side of our heart.

In our understanding it is this link between our human heart and this stellar temple that creates the “Ascension Bridge”. If you think about it, as the human heart attunes itself to these Divine principles it reaches up in its aspiration to follow Divine direction over man made constructs. At the same time, the rays of these stellar worlds reach down and join that heart. A wonderful path of light is formed, offering a road to walk towards a higher expression of individual and collective life. We are called on in this galactic age to reweave the blanket of light between our human heart our cosmic heart, to become a bigger body of expression and awareness.

We share an invocation ritual, gestures and words, that you can do and say to build this bridge:

Open your arms towards the sky with palms upward.

I invoke the light of the Almighty God and Goddess within me!

Touch the point of Acrux (top of heart) with your right hand.

I live in Your Love.

Touch the point of Becrux (left side of heart) with your right hand.

I surrender myself unto Your Law.

Touch the point of Gacrux (bottom of heart) with your right hand.

I offer my past, present and future to Your Mercy.

Touch the point of Delta Crucis (right side of heart) with your right hand.

And I follow the footprints of Your Will in the completion of my Divine Destiny.

Lay your right palm onto your heart.

I am that I am.

Lay your left palm over your right hand on your chest.

I raise my life into the Light.

Taking your left hand off your heart, open it to the world.

I share my heart.

Then take your right hand off, also opening it to the world.

I radiate my peace.

And finally, join your hands together, saying:

May I be blessed on my way.

A full guided meditation on creating the Ascension Bridge is offered in the third portion of Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge, available on our web-site.

You are welcome to join our monthly Wise Awakening Stellar Nations meetings but we ask that you arrange an orientation session first. To do so please e-mail:


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