Elemental Grief

dp_profileby Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farm

I recently taught the 3rd class of the Flower Essence Practitioner Training Course. The class focused primarily on the Chinese Five Element understanding of health as expressed through the organ meridians and related systems. Fall is related to the Metal element and grief. Lung is the yin of the Metal element while Large Intestine is the Yang. One of the more fascinating organ systems is Triple Burner of the Fire Element. It works primarily through the endocrine system and regulates all of the other organs. There is interplay between all of the elements. Fire suppresses or controls metal. That means it overcomes or weakens it. Physically, overactive fire can cause symptoms like a cough in the lungs or constipation in the large intestine. When fire reacts to change, it’s usual emotion of joy can morph into grief. So if your endocrine system is out of balance, don’t be surprised if a challenging change brings up grief. Metal controls the Wood Element and the Liver and Gallbladder organs, whose emotion is anger. So if you are experiencing grief, don’t be surprised if anger arises. All of these emotions can be shifted to a higher level of functioning by changing your emotional metabolism.

Five Elements

The Triple Burner, Lung, Large Intestine, Liver and Gallbaldder Organ Energy Meridian Blends are available at Wise Awakening in the Tree Frog Farm display. Or contact me for a custom blend of essences. My next practitioner day at Wise Awakening is Thursday, November 10th. Call 360-758-7260 to schedule.

This fall treat your metabolism and emotional states with care. Help them function at their highest current potential with flower essences.

InJoy, Diana


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