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eyeFrom Diana’s Altar . . .


Blessed was I to have experienced nine sun filled days in the southern California desert recently! Yes, nine! I practiced Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow’s ‘Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’, focusing on a particular dimension each day. On my last day prior to leaving for the airport, I was meditating on the 9th dimension. I was sitting in full sun with a lovely light breeze caressing me softly. I was totally filled with gratitude, deep peace and love. I tuned into my body and noticed that I felt wonderful and happy! I was totally ‘blissed out’!

Like most of us over the past several months, I have had a lot of busy-ness, challenges, and angst about the future. In my bliss state, and from this nine dimensional reality, I had a profound realization . . . It occurred to me that all of my productive and successful creative juices spring from this special place. It is almost like a ‘dream state’. We can create anything wonderful from this state of being! We envision beauty, harmony, joy, peace and even bliss. In this world there are no borders or wars or tears or fears. It is what David Ison calls ‘Unification’.

I am so grateful for the revelation! Sometimes we get so caught up in this frantic fabricated reality that we forget the great power for which we are blessed . . . we can Dream Life Awake!

Always with Love! . . . Diana

Happy Birthday to our Great Friend and colleague, Laura Abernathy,
our Son, Caine and our sweet Grandson, Zak


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