Meraki Moments

by David Ison-david45323 (1)

This story is true:
Falling…falling…falling…tumbling into a deep state of anxiety and mental confusion. My mind was a jumble of fragments, there was no center….scary for sure. All of a sudden the Essential Self said: “You must meditate. Please simply sit and do your practice.” And so I did…here’s what happened:

Sitting…I experienced the chaos of my natural wandering, agitated mind. Settling in, I simply observed and slowly all the pieces of my mind came into view and began to take shape.

Interesting…Continuing to simply observe, I found myself “seeing” a pattern, a form, a structure. Slowly this pattern began to coalesce. Disparate aspects of my life, my work and my practice all came together, forming a whole and suddenly I understood something profound:

I realized I was ORGANIZING MY MIND.

This understanding was a powerful realization. Gone was the notion of working toward self-awareness, of enlightenment…of achieving or getting anything. Through the practice, all of those intentions had transformed into a simple process of observing the motions and all of the aspects of my mind. By simply allowing those endlessly disparate elements to come together, something had shifted.

Amazing… I sat with this for a few more moments and then came slowly out of the meditation. I felt calm, refreshed and relaxed. The burdens of anxiety and the mental, emotional chaos that threatened to bring me down, down, down were transformed into a state of subtle mental clarity and organization.

And so: Filled with the peaceful calm of an organized mind, I quietly, gently, happily stepped into the stream of the ever unfolding universe and the day was filled with resolution and the joy of completing tasks effortlessly, without anger, doubt or fear clouding my mind and my choices.

All through my choice to meditate…to organize my mind.
Meraki Meditation… You can do it too.

Deep Peace and Meraki to all…David Ison


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