Life Is What We “Think” It Is

jan_white-1By Jan White,LFIBA,RMT,D.D.

Dear Jan:

My family keeps kidding me that I have a bad attitude. Maybe I do … But what difference does it make? Hey, I’m over 21 and I’ll have any attitude that I want! When you can show me that life will be any easier if I change, well then maybe I’ll consider it…
Signed: So What!!!

Dear So What:

I think it is a pretty safe assumption that life for you must be frustrating, unfulfilling, and certainly not the motivator that gets you out of bed in the morning … How do I know —- it’s your attitude!

Life, or what is also called our Reality, is a reflection of what we believe and how committed we are to that belief. These are our perceptions and attitudes — gained from the experiences, cultural background, and concepts that we have accepted as our Truths. What you believe therefore You Are.

The child who grows up in a secure, loving environment would have the perspective that life is effortless and easygoing and would then radiate optimism, flexibility and be undaunted in his/her aspirations. The same individual, who later in life, experiences a lengthy ‘deprivation’ cycle would abolish the original perspective and embody the new attitude: that of deficiency. Because of this, he/she would now take on a luckless, deprived, and victimized attitude and belief and their new cycle would continue until such time as their attitude changed to one of confidence and trust

What you radiate you also receive back — since Like attracts Like.

On my first trip to Glastonbury, England, several years ago, I purposely sought out a Bed and Breakfast Inn each night at whatever town I happened to be in that day. B&B owners were by and large very personable and enjoyed conversing, especially to someone like myself who was eager to learn of the people, traditions and history of the local region. At one such place, situated at Lands End, the owners had both just left careers in the educational field to make a major life change. That evening we sat around the fireplace and comfortably chatted. Soon, our discussion took on a philosophical tone and the remainder of the night we concentrated on the question: who achieves success and how do they do it?

All too soon the late night hours drew to a close without our being able to come to any conclusions. There were only four hours remaining before I was to start out for my next destination. On the way up to my room, I was handed fifteen books, all of which were about people who were known for their successes. Nodding determinedly to my hosts I doggedly declared that by the time I was to leave in the morning I would have the answer to our discussion. And so rather than sleeping, I spent the time scrutinizing those fifteen books in hopes of learning what it was that made certain people dramatically stand out from the general mass.

It was clear that each successful person had his/her very unique set of circumstances, motivations, and experiences but alas! there was still one very distinct similarity: INTENT!

Each successful person clearly intended to and very definitely expected to be successful. They each lived life as if they had already attained success and let nothing deter them from a laser like focus of having success. Failure was not accepted as a negative, but rather as a stepping stone on the path to the end result. They were committed to their intent!

And so I left Lands End a far wealthier person for learning another wonderful Universal Truth, for Reality is what we believe it is — or choose to believe it is.

If our life is not giving us what we desire, then we need to change the programming that is holding us back from having the Reality we deserve.

Jan White specializes in counseling issues of anxiety, trauma, depression, relationships, loss, unresolved core issues and chronic illness. She can be reached at (509)230-1964. Questions for response can be emailed to .


Laughter is Good Medicine

by Cheryl McNulty, LMP, Mind Body Spirit Fusion Unioncheryl

There is way too much seriousness today—so much violence, financial instability and uncertainty for countries as well as families, religion-based squabbling, and of course the US presidential election. We have become a depressed nation, and many have forgotten what it’s like to experience joy and laughter. Too many adults have not enjoyed true laughter—big belly laughter—since they were young. Laughter like that puts one in the moment… problems, schedules, and the challenges and pains of everyday life fade. Laughing is actually therapeutic, so much so that companies have sprung up, offering workshops in laughing. Rolling around on the floor, tear producing, gasping for air laughter has many health benefits for physical, emotional, and mental complaints.

Laughter therapy was first recognized as therapeutic in 1979, when writer Norman Cousins battled a critical illness with a regimen of daily laughter. Cousins found that laughter allowed him pain-free sleep and better management of his symptoms. Laughter therapy has since become a medical supplement and/or alternative to combating chronic pain. Research has identified laughter therapy as having significant benefits, including boosting the immune system, relieving stress, easing pain, enhancing digestion, and increasing mental focus. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America support laughter therapy as part of total patient care for patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Laughter therapy works on all aspects of the body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/energetic. Physically, laughter engages the core muscles—including the deep abdominal muscles—in order to produce laughter. Prolonged laughter can have the same results of doing several sets of situps. Physiologically, laughter works on the parasympathetic nervous system to calm and relax the body while balancing hormone production and even blood pressure. Mentally, laughing for five minutes can help one focus more intently on tasks throughout the day.

Laughing daily can also be cathartic for repressed emotional baggage. Laughing is energetically reviving and can increase relationship connections and bonding. Taking part in a daily ritual of laughter may be better than any medicine for what ails you. Rediscover things that made you laugh, and find new amusements to tickle your funny bone, preferably with family or friends. You’ll improve your health and your valuable social bonds. Laughter: it’s good for what ails you.

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Mind Body Spirit Fusion Union is a trade association for alternative and complementary healers in northwestern Washington. Monthly meetings focus on personal and professional development, networking, and supporting the community we live in. For more information, see, and go to to read more articles.

About the Centre for the New Human

gloria_20formalby Gloria Harrison

At the Centre for the New Human, we explore what it means to be a new human. Our intention, during our monthly offerings, is to provide an experience of divine self so that each of us remembers our divinity and the power we all hold within. Equally important is the opportunity presented to learn how to live from that remembrance – not just words, but action in our daily lives as we move into 5th dimension reality. I was reminded recently of a pilgrimage I undertook several years ago, with a group of fellow pilgrims, to Mary Magdalene sites in southern France. We began our journey at Chartres Cathedral, a most propitious and reverent place to open our remembrance. As we gathered around the Black Madonna, the Magdalene spoke to us through a channel, delivering a most powerful message. “…… This is the holy cathedral. You are the cathedrals. You are the libraries that have conceived science into love, and love into science. So it is a beautiful synergy. And I am excited for the vibration of love that comes through all of you as you do your holy witnessing to the earth. For each of you have a cathedral to share and that cathedral will be carried to the earth in peace to bring the co-consecration of male into the Divine womb once again as it should be.” Magdalene is reminding us of the divinity we hold within and the importance of bringing back into balance the masculine and the feminine, both within and without.

At the end of our pilgrimage, we were again given a powerful message of remembrance. “….. I present myself to you to electrify your hearts, to open the passages of your voice, and to bring the wisdom of Sophia into your bodies. ……So see yourself as the eye of God in the assemblage of your own womb. From that place of co-creative juiciness, I will seed the planet of the one union of the sacred heart, the divine union of the male and female, and the gifts of fertility of your own consciousness. “

These messages give clear instruction to live as if we are the cathedral, accessing the wisdom of Sophia residing within each of us and bringing into balance the energies of the masculine and feminine as we co-create from our womb of consciousness.

Please join us for our October offering, where we will explore and experience together the wisdom of Jean Houston’s Social Artistry Model for personal growth and enlightenment. She shares, “It is within the deep work of Social Artistry that we can access the inner capacities to align ourselves with the earth’s higher purpose. Ultimately, it is about all of us together co-creating the human and social changes needed to make a better world.”


The Centre for the New Human is a for-purpose, 501(c)3, organization. We offer monthly (generally) workshops at Wise Awakening. Please check the Wise Awakening calendar for more information:

Deep Inner Knowing: The First Dimension (1D)

Gerry_-_Copyby Gerry Clow

The issue of “grounding” has come up a lot lately. No surprise, given the events going on around us on the surface of our planet. Here is a meditation to help you ground, and it uses special hand and body postures to assist you in making a deep and healing connection to Earth.

Close your eyes and find yourself, seated in your chair or lying on the floor. Find yourself. This means: find your edges, find your breath, find your feet.

Now, find your center. Feel how your breath enters and runs down into your body. Using your inner eye, see the light inside your body, feel the lightness, as you breathe deeply. Do you feel buoyant, open, inside?

Cross one of your ankles over the other, and at the same time cross one wrist over the other. I prefer right over left; however, experiment and see which way feels best to you.

Let your arms, and your legs, be relaxed as you do this. Stay with this feeling for a few moments. Do you feel different, more connected, more whole? Is your energy contained within your body better? Sit with this feeling, stay with this feeling. Feel who you are, at this level, today.

Now ask your body, your inner self, a question, any question that comes to your mind. Notice where that question comes from: not from your mind, but from your body, from the wisdom of your body. Wait for the answer, for the sense of knowingness. Take all the time you need.

Now, imagine your body being like a cocoon. You are wrapped in a spiral, with your consciousness at its center. You are intact and whole, safe and warm, inside this cocoon and you’re able to move wherever you want to go.

Let your cocoon slip slowly and easily down through the floor below you. Let your cocoon go deeper and deeper, being pulled by a great force coming from the center of our planet.

Stay calm and happy in your cocoon, aware of your breath and your surfaces. Keep dropping deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, until you can go no further.

You are at the center of Earth, and you are in your cocoon, aware of your own inner world, and aware of being in the inner world of your planet.

What do you hear or feel or see in this place? How is it different from, or the same as, the inner world inside your own body? Is it illuminated with its own light, the way you are within your own body? Are you able to see at great distances here, within this Earth center? Does the light here seem crystalline, sublime? Can you see the Great Library around you?

Now, listen and feel these words: Safe…Secure…Knowing. Do you hear or feel these words? Do you hear other words as well?

Maybe there is a question you have wanted to ask your planet for a long time. Ask it the same way that you asked your own body for an answer. Let your own inner wisdom listen to Earth’s wisdom for an answer.

This is what is called Deep Inner Knowing. You can come here anytime, connecting with your inner self, then moving to the inner self of your planet…. Now, begin to move your consciousness back to the surface, from where you began your journey today. Then, when you get there, bring your mind down to Earth’s center once again. Surface . . . center . . . surface . . . center. See and feel this connection, and remember you can do this anytime you choose. It is always there.

© Gerry Clow, RCST®, RPP
co-author with Barbara Hand Clow, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

Stellar Perspectives From Hungary

by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskóbeatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

In 2006 and 2007, after being taken through 230 stellar worlds to be shown and to record the history of the Milky Way galaxy, we were guided to use this awakened understanding to re-anchor the stellar influences into the Earth field. During the long galactic night, before Earth re-entered the photon belt, the stellar influences were not readily available to humanity.

But by 2007 the seed of the Galactic Underworld that, per the Mayan Calendar cycles had been planted into our evolving consciousness in 1999, had flowered into a dawning awareness in humanity that “We are One”; we are connected and joined within a bigger context. So, starting in 2007 when the influence of the stars and the Stellar Nations were again becoming meaningfully interactive here on Earth, the cycle of each year was set to bring forward and highlight the lessons offered by a specific Stellar Nation. Each year would offer a collective initiation in the qualities of the Stellar Nation influencing that year. Thus year by year, since 2007, the collective has been facing the lessons that need to be learned so we can evolve into living in a united way, as “one light body”.

For instance, the much anticipated year of 2012 was the Year of the Bears, The Christ Community. The Bear Nation holds a teaching mission and is charged with teaching the qualities of the Heart; Christ consciousness. From mid-2011 through 2012 we were again led through a rigorous series of “attunings”, sitting for 6-12 hours almost daily in a receptive state to receive the information that the stellar worlds of the Bear Nation have to teach.

Our book Calling You, recently released in English, is essentially a diary of these teachings. Calling You offers the reader a deep initiation into opening the heart and aligning with the stellar worlds that are teaching portals of the heart qualities. These heart qualities, the seven seeds of Christ consciousness (the wisdoms of: unconditional love, acceptance, trust and compassion in the galactic scene, the balance of giving and receiving, the mystery of forgiving, faith, and the wisdom of the Power of Light) each reside in a star of the Big Dipper.

Also part of the Bear Nation are the four pillars of Creation: Divine Love, Divine Law, Divine Mercy and Divine Will. These principles are held the in the stars of the Crux Constellation. Calling You traces the stories of the souls associated with these stars from Lemurian times, through Atlantis, through the time of Christ 2000 years ago, up to the present.

The dimensional level of existence our planet lives at is defined by the frequency of the collective consciousness of its inhabitants. The more people are able to perceive the galactic consciousness, which embraces nine dimensions, and the more people offer their own consciousness as bridges stretching towards the Higher Reality, the closer we can get to the frequency level necessary for a dimensional shift. We can be the Emissaries of Light, through whose consciousness the stellar codes can be transmitted, to all of Planet Earth.

Humanity will be able to live fruitfully as one body, within our bigger galactic body, when the teachings of all the Nations, and especially the Bear Nation, are understood and assimilated.

You are welcome to join our monthly Wise Awakening Stellar Nations meetings but we ask that you arrange an orientation session first. To do so please e-mail:

Tarot Reading for October 2016

laura.abernathyFOUR OF SWORDS

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

After re-focusing on our life purpose last month, this month in October we find ourselves in circumstances that require us to slow down and follow some structure for awhile.

The Four of Swords, called “Truce” in this deck, is about preparing the mind for the grounding of a creative project. The definition of “truce” is …. “A suspension of fighting, especially of considerable duration by agreement of opposing forces: armistice, cease-fire.

A respite, especially from a trucedisagreeable or painful state or action.” Have you been sensing an internal conflict around the next step in your life’s work? The truce in this case is the pausing of creativity to allow for greater clarity of the way forward.

Although it is structure that is being put upon us, versus of our own making, it is advisable to submit to it. We could find here the inner peace and compromise needed to move forward with more ease and vision.

This can be accomplished through organization and planning. The suit of swords is related to air and the mind, and in the place of four, it represents itself as intellectual authority. Not in the sense of domination, but rather the essence of peace through order. Yes, it is restrictive; however it is a necessary phase for the evolution of all work.

The card is also associated with Jupiter in the sign of Libra, which indicates the enhancement of mutability. It leads us to ask ourselves “How can I submit to this order and still nurture my creativity?” “How can I have boundaries and still be intuitive and sensitive?” This is an inner truce we are making with different parts of our self.

It is also important to be aware of the weaknesses associated with the Four of Swords, which is a tendency towards fear or mental laziness. Beware the fear of losing your muse or minimizing the value of order and reason.

© 2016 Laura M. Abernathy

Spiritual Spine in Action

dp_profileby Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farm

The numbers of people at the Sacred Stone Camp by the Dakota Pipeline is growing. The last I heard there were about 5,000 to 6,000, including indigenous people from Hawaii and Ecuador. The movement is gaining worldwide attention and support. What is most impactful to me is the courage of the Standing Rock Sioux. It is rooted in their spiritual practices and worldview. Instead of having a combative, exclusive stance, they focus on peace and inclusiveness. When the indigenous “water protectors” (instead of protestors) were attacked by dogs of the security guards for the Dakota pipeline, instead of responding with fear and aggression, they prayed, stood in their power and took other non-violent action. When the North Dakota National Guard arrived, the water protectors greeted them as fellow North Dakotans and shook their hands to diffuse a confrontation.


At a peaceful event in nearby Bismark, ND, riot police show up to be greeted by a surprise. Everyone wanted to shake their hands, too! This is spiritual spine!

The world today can feel like an angry hopeless place. Instead of falling into despair and inaction, find your core strength and act from your spiritual spine. The Spiritual Spine Life Process Blend and the DuRen Energy Meridian Blend are both available at Wise Awakening in the Tree Frog Farm display. Or contact me for a custom blend of essences. My next practitioner day at Wise Awakening is Thursday, October 13th. Call 360-758-7260 to schedule.

When you face difficult situations, instead of falling into despair and inaction, find your core strength and act from your spiritual spine.

InJoy, Diana