Returning to Our Divine Wisdom

marshajoyby Marcia Joye
The Centre for the New Human

Becoming a new human involves our willingness to receive and rest in our Divine Wisdom. Resting in our place of complete knowing, called by many names such as Buddha Self, I AM, Higher Self, or Intuition, is a way to peace within.

Each of us has an intuitive Truth that we can depend upon for the answer to any concern we may be facing at any given time. The courage to embrace the answer given is sometimes difficult. It may not agree with our preconceived ideas of how a situation should be solved. Often we base our views of a situation on past experiences or assumptions that we know the meaning of current interactions with others when actually these beliefs are tinted by our past wounds. We can approach our problems differently by asking ourselves questions like, “What meaning am I giving this situation?” and “How am I contributing to this problem?” If we look within ourselves for the answers we are less likely to get caught as deeply into the projections of our ego.

Ego thoughts usually involve analyzing, fixing the problem from a fearful place or attacking another. It often is about taking from another and someone experiencing loss. The way of Wisdom brings shareable gifts where everyone gains in understanding, love, insight, creativity, joy, peace, or compassion and the solution to a problem unfolds within this energy and flow.

The key word here is resting; the nature of allowing without struggle. If we first quiet ourselves into stillness and seek with curiosity what may arise regarding a situation, we open ourselves to transforming our vision to see beyond appearances and our grievances against others. We have freed ourselves through the Grace of resting in the Divine. Life begins to flow as we allow our Wisdom to step forward and our ego thinking to step back. We then truly return to Divine Wisdom and the state of Grace.

Marcia Joye


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Tarot Reading for September 2016

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

After having made our decision in August about our “secretive” potential work partner, the Hierophant guides our focus back to the Work of our life purpose. In September, for our Great Work to move forward, we must prepare a foundation for teaching and learning. Part of this preparation may involve choosing a Teacher. An apropos card for the month that many public schools go back in session, wouldn’t you agree?

Choosing a life guide requires great discernment! We are just as responsible for choosing an ethical Teacher as the Teacher is for being ethical. Before committing to a Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Shaman or any life consultant, watch for signs of imbalance in them. Imbalance can show up as patronization, pompousness, hypocrisy and even sadism.


Called the Pope or High Priest in other decks, the Hierophant is about our search for meaning and direction, typically involving a spiritual guide. It harkens the establishment of our “spirit family”, beyond the birth family. It is a time for development of our ethics and values through tests and challenges. Tarot author, Angie Arrien, describes this trump card as “walking the mystical path with practical feet.”

There are multiple symbols on this card to help us grasp its essence of bringing enlightenment into the physical realm. A few are:
• His throne is made of a bull and two elephants, very heavy animals, representing the anchoring of the Light in the physical world.
• In the four corners are the heads of a bull, a lion, an eagle and a human (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). These symbolize the Powers of the Sphinx, which together represent Magick or the manifestation of new Worlds.
• Above his head are nine nails representing the intention to bond Spirit to Matter.
• His left hand has two fingers pointing outward (to the visible world) and two pointing inward (to the invisible world).
• At his feet stands a woman in an independent stance, holding a sword to her own feet. This demonstrates the energy of separation from the parents and the responsibility of standing on one’s own.

This month, watch for teaching and learning opportunities to arise, and choose wisely keeping your Great Work in mind.

[Note: There are 22 trump cards, also called the Major Arcana, in a tarot deck. Each one describes a chapter in the hero/shero’s journey. This journey can be described as the Soul embarking on a quest to “Know Thyself”, returning home as a fully conscious Being, ready to fulfill one’s unique life purpose. Another way I like to describe this journey is the experience of traveling up the Tree of Life to “see the face of God”, and returning to the physical realm, alive and sane. For you left brain readers….the 22 trump cards start with zero – the Fool – and end with twenty one – the Universe (World).]

© 2016 Laura M. Abernathy

Stellar Perspectives From Hungary

beatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

In 2005, when we had just finished building our Crystal Sanctuary under the direction of the Celestials, we held a beautiful sanctification ritual. Suddenly, during our ritual, a fantastic delegation, a group of souls with radiant auras that gleamed with a wonderful light, appeared before our inner eyes. Each in their light-body form, they told us that they were the spirit delegates of the 13 Stellar Nations and as the Grand Masters of their Stellar Nations they would be our teachers and would take us through a long ride to reveal the full history of the Creation Myths of the Milky Way Galaxy.

At the time it was really hard to grasp their beings and understand everything they projected towards us. We were very used to working with the Pleiadian Masters from the 5th dimensional vibration, but the Stellar Delegation came from the seventh dimension and above so we had to acclimate to this energy field. Over time the inner visions became clearer and we got to know the members of the Delegation. When the attunings began, showing us the Galactic history of our Milky Way Galaxy, one Delegate at a time would step forward as the highest representative of that nation and would initiate us into the mysteries of their Stellar Nation.

We were shown that these 13 Nations are the forms and frames of experiencing, one could say the archetypes, that the Creator set out in this creation cycle. Upon hearing the line-up of the Nations, you will recognize that we hold bits and pieces of the Galactic Myths in our collective stories. The 13 Stellar Nations are: The Stellar Nation of the Unicorn, of the Angels, of the Winged Lion, of the Dragons, of the Great Felines, of the Pegasus, of the Female Serpent, of the Male Serpent, of the Bears (the Christ Community), of the Cosmic Humans, of the Birds, of the Dolphins and Whales, of the Holy Spirit.

Each Nation has an express purpose and mission. Learning the full story and character of each Stellar Nation; its history, purpose, light and shadow qualities, offers a vast, grounding and creative cosmological framework that enables one to expand into a conscious multi-dimensional awareness. The Stellar Delegates and Celestials promised us that they will work closely with whoever seeks to learn and expand with this work.

They also let us know that the cycle of each year, starting in 2007, would offer humanity a collective initiation in a particular Stellar Nation. That is, humanity would be asked to face the shadow qualities of the given Nation and be asked to burn through those shadows. Thus each year since the 13 stellar portals were re-anchored to Earth in 2006 and 2007, the collective has been systematically presented with, and asked to address, a specific set of shadow patterns.

For example, 2016 is the year of the Arthropods, the Stellar Nation that is charged with maintaining the chamber of mirrors and life review process (among other things). Objective evaluation of one’s strengths and weaknesses, the maturity to accept responsibility for choices made rather than projecting blame, is necessary for individual and collective evolution. We can think about how the heightened political and societal dynamics occurring worldwide in 2016 are serving to reflect us to ourselves, asking humanity to come into a new level of self-awareness and accountability, individually and collectively.

You are welcome to join our monthly Wise Awakening Stellar Nations meetings but we ask that you arrange an orientation session first. To do so please e-mail:

Nourish Yourself This Autumn

by Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farmdp_profile

A few mornings ago as I was putting out the bird feeders, I was greeted by the caress of cool moist air on my face and the percussive ensemble of loud deep horns accompanied by rustling in one of the 100-plus foot tall trees and periodic ka-thuds. The sensation of fog on my skin, the repetitive rhythm of foghorns and squirrels harvesting fir cones resonated deep in my being. It was fall – at least for the morning. Since then it has felt like summer again, yet we’ve been harvesting apples, beets and storage beans for winter. And rains are on the way. We are experiencing the change of seasons, autumn.

Autumn is related to the stomach and spleen organ systems, harvest and a deep relationship with Earth. It is a time to nourish yourself – body and soul – and to cultivate warm and nurturing relationships.

garden_harvest_1_scale_copyThe Stomach and Spleen Organ Energy Meridian Blends are related to autumn and help us adjust to the changing seasons during this transition. The Stomach Blend balances your appetite for food and stimulates your appetite for life. It encourages self-nourishment and gracefully receiving abundance, and addresses worry, anxiety, feeling unsafe and ungrounded. The Spleen Blend activates balanced blood sugar regulation, encourages healthy immune responses, calms excessive and obsessive thinking by rerouting that energy back into the body for life energy, then uses this life force energy for motivation and will to put ideas into action. It provides a deep sense of inner home, of living in your body. Both blends are charged in a crystal grid of drusy quartz, fire agate, Inca jade, malachite, peridot, red jasper and sunstones and are available at Wise Awakening in the Tree Frog Farm display.

This Autumn take time to slow down and relax. Treat yourself to fresh garden or locally grown vegetables and fruits, and let yourself be wrapped in the nourishing arms of our Mother Earth.

I’m taking a break from meeting clients in Bellingham while our car ferry is in dry dock for annual maintenance during most of September. My next practitioner day at Wise Awakening is Thursday, October 13th. If you would like to talk before then, call me at 360-758-7260 to schedule.

InJoy, Diana

News, Features, Highlights, Fun

eyeFrom Diana’s Altar . . .

What an August it was for me!

One of the great highlights and honor was officiating the wedding of Kristina and Clinton Griffeth (Flora’s Daughter and now, Son-in-law) on August 20th. It was such a beautiful wedding and of course, Kristina was a beautiful bride! I was struck by how blessed we are to have so many young people present in our lives who give we elders hope for the future (my amazing Grandchildren among them – no partiality here – haha). These young adults have integrity, respect, honor, intelligence and grace. I, for one, am grateful!

Also, Bob and I hosted a little Hand family gathering recently and I met Barbara and Gerry’s adorable little Granddaughter for the first time and fell helplessly in love! We are so rich with loving family on both sides and this is the truest nature of bliss!

As we meet the challenges of the present and embrace the uncertain future our family and friends will be what gives us strength, perseverance and joy. There is nothing more important! And, as summer wanes and autumn approaches, my heart is filled with warmth knowing I am well loved…and so are YOU!

Always with Love!

. . . Diana

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Bob Hand and
my precious Grandsons Tariq & Sharief!!

september flower