What in the World?

by Hamilton Hayes
The Centre for the New Human

It is easy these days to feel bombarded by negativity. The discourses on the condition of our planet Gaia or the state of the affairs of humanity seem to drip, if not gush, with perceived catastrophes. We may find ourselves struggling with what our response should or could be. Do we seek sanctuary away from the storms, even denying them, or do we actively engage them seeking to alter the flow of energies behind the confusion and conflicts? Often, if not always, we find that all of our multi-dimensional resources, heart, mind, body and spirit, are called upon and tested in order to respond in ways that reflect our inner guidance.

Each of us must find our own responses to our common experiences as our multi-dimensional nature is magnificently complex. And as much as we might like, one response does not fit all. The good news is that we have all been endowed with the principles of consciousness. These principles allow each of us to create our personal map through the drama of life without becoming entrapped in it. Some of these principles that have worked for me include:

It is a useless journey to blame your neighbor! Despite our ego’s insistence, what is happening in our ‘external’ world is a reflection of what is going on in our ‘internal’ world. Simply put, we are co-creators of the world. Generally this means looking at ourselves first for the source of an issue or upset.

Although you may think you are, you are never alone. How many of us have pursued a connection with the Divine for years or even decades, thinking that the connection may happen only when we have left this dimension. W.B. Yeats, the Irish poet, once said ‘There are no strangers, only friends I have not yet met.’ If, as I believe, we are all one, then the Divine has provided us with about 7 billion ‘not yet met’ friends. And that is not even counting the birds, leaves, fish, rocks and other critters that fill every waking moment. Say Hello! to the several trillion instances of God that immediately surround you.

What you give, is what you receive. Give that Hello! or a smile at the first and every opportunity you have. You will receive many returns in kind. Even if you don’t get a smile back, you will have given a great gift to someone else who really needs it. You have given the gift of Divine Connection to them. Hellos and smiles will naturally grow in magnificence with continued practice.

Be aware that the future, the next moment, does not yet exist. That’s the job our Creator has given us, to create the next moment. In this incarnation, we are representatives of the Divine. We are connected to the Divine through each other and all those other critters. So what is really stopping us from creating the next incredible moment other than our unwillingness to accept who we really are?

Assuredly we all sense or know that there are many paths to the Divine. We are all on those paths now. Yours and mine may be different, and I do know if our paths should cross, you can expect a Hello! and a smile. In a small way, that will help bring some Joy to the world.

© 2016 Hamilton Hayes


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Book of the Month


by David Isonmeraki_book1

This beautiful little book introduces you to the profoundly liberating practice of Meraki Meditation. Meditation’s author David Ison takes you on a step by step journey through the elements of this life changing practice, showing the true source of our mental agitation and how we can use meditation to resolve the issues that bring this agitation about.

Called “The best little meditation book I’ve ever read”by Dr. John Mack former chief of psychiatry at Harvard University and “a must have for any serious meditator” by Dr. Sharon Montes former medical director at the Center of Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland, Meraki Meditation is indeed “a must have” for anyone who is interested in learning a simple and effective daily meditation practice.

Available at Wise Awakening – $10

Meraki Moments

by David Ison

-david45323 (1)

Here Comes the Sun: Dancing within the Essence of Unification.

My Friends…let us observe the reality as it is and say: We are ALL overwhelmed, mentally, physically and emotionally stretched to the limit, deeply concerned and needing a bit of loving groove…
And happily I can say: at Meraki we’ve got just what the doctor ordered.

Here is a beautiful, simple meditation designed to help you hold the form of Unification, find your center and become the Sun.
You can live your life with this vision as one of your basic operating principals. Through this ancient sacred practice, you can assign the proper amount of energy to each of the aspects in your life, keep them in proper alignment and maintain your creative essence without the draining, endless overwhelm that is threating all of us.

Ready? O.K…here we go:
Sit…get comfortable and begin to meditate…relax…breathe…and then:

Imagine the planets in orbit around the sun. See these spinning orbs in deep relationship with the center of the solar system. See the center as having a great deal of mass, volume and gravitational pull. See the sun center holding all of the spinning orbs in check, keeping them in a specific pattern of interrelationships. These relationships are based on mass, volume, space, velocity, spin and gravity. These relationships are created and maintained by the presence and the strength of the central object in the pattern—-the sun.

Imagine all of the above as a single system, functioning as one integrated, unified whole. A system comprised of the planets, their trajectories, their revolutions and their orbits around the central sun. Imagine this spinning system holding itself together, swirling round and round…each planetary object on its own course, yet part of the larger matrix that is the sum total of the interrelationships between the elements that comprise the entire system.

Now…look at your life. Imagine that you are the sun center—the mass at the middle that holds everything in orbit. See yourself as this center and then see the “planets” that are your purpose, your intentions, your projects, your daily activities—all of your endeavors, orbiting around you. See each of your planets and its mass. See each planet as having its own identity. See each identity as having a place within the orbital system. Lastly, see how you—the sun center—hold all of the orbits in play, in relationship, in harmony.

This is the music of the spheres; the Dance of Unification.
Spend a few precious minutes holding this form. Feel yourself being the center. Feel your planets revolving around you. Listen to the music of the spheres. Feel the rhythm of relationships and the pulse of creation. Immerse yourself in this experience.
Feel all of your planetary objects and their respective orbits being held in their proper alignments by virtue of the strength of the energy of unification. Feel all of your planets resonating with a singularity of purpose that generates the freedom and individuality of creative expression.

Come back slowly and hold on to the feeling of your creative unification. You are master of your solar system, let the light of your sun shine through, become the Essence of Unification and…..Dance.

Deep Peace and Meraki to all…David Ison

Take the “Me” Out of “It”

by GGerry_-_Copyerry Clow, RCST®, RPP

My favorite way of “listening to a client” is to get “me” out of the way of listening. In other words, to drop my own agendas, my own distracting thoughts, my own sense of my persona. Instead, I just become an organism listening to another organism. And what I listen to is “it”—the mystery of life expressing itself in another living being. That is why our work is so elevating and so sobering, so exhilarating and so humbling.

We also describe this process as “getting out of the way.” How many times do we get the opportunity to do this in our everyday lives? How many times does our personal agenda get in the way of the “bigger” agenda? Sure, we need to know our own needs, desires, ambitions—but we also need to know the field we are operating in: what is its agenda?

This is a very sobering and important realization. How to balance our own needs with those of all living beings around us. That means our immediate family as well as our neighbors, community, nation, global civilization—and all species! This also means the living presence of Earth, its elementals, its core, its own ongoing story.

I say these words as I sit at my desk in my healing room. When I come to this place of attention, my body goes neutral. Rather than being in the state of “what to do next,” my body settles, breathes, finds itself. My brain relaxes, my mind becomes clear. OK, what is the next step, I ask myself. What is the Real Agenda for today: is it the same as my own, or somehow different? If so, which agenda do I follow?

Then, when it comes to a client on my table, the same process takes place. I move from my own agenda/s to that of the living being who has entered into my field. Better yet, I get the client to begin to tune into their own greater agendas, into their own field, and away from a single focus, such as pain or the issue that brought them here today. As the client does this, with encouragement from balanced, gentle, non-invasive touch, the small immediate agendas give way to the larger, universal agendas. Trapped energy (pain) gives way to the tidal, fluid movement that naturally course through the body. Those movements merge with even larger movements, the movements of all living systems—and sometimes with our whole planet.

The reason I share this realization with you today is this: whether we are on a healer’s table, or meditating, or walking through our daily life, we constantly have the opportunity to switch our focus, our attention, and to let our bodies become biodynamic. Once we can begin to do this, an even-bigger payoff occurs. We begin to wonder, Whose Story Am I In, Anyway? Who is the Writer of this Story, When did it Begin, When does it End? That’s a refreshing perspective, switching to see the Big Picture vs. your own picture within it.

Gerry Clow, RCST®, RPP
Bowen Island, British Columbia
gctrav@earthlink.net / www.handclow2012.com

Becoming Humans of Peace

By Diana Pepper From Tree Frog Farm

As we all know, humans are going through dynamic changedianapepper2s. Most of us know Barbara Hand Clow. She says we are becoming humans of peace – Homo pacem. Alberto Villoldo, shaman and teacher says we are evolving into Homo Luminous, humans of Light. Our species is rallying toward a more humane future. Take for example Bernie Sanders and millions of people who rallied to his call for a more compassionate people oriented government. He said, “The truth is, when you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt. And when my kids hurt, you hurt.” He is a Jew who called for open dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, hugged a Muslim young woman on stage and met with the new progressive Catholic Pope. He made an amazing shift in our consciousness and greatly influenced the platform for the Democratic Party. Yet he did not receive enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination for President, largely because the Powers-That-Be made sure it wouldn’t happen. We are in the process of change. As a part of this, we need to shift our metabolism as it relates to our emotional and mental states of being. The change starts with each of us, within each of us.

Taugustblendhis time I’m featuring essence blends that support us in our continuing evolutionary and transformational processes and the challenges we experience along the way. Transform Ease Life Process Blend was formulated specifically for this. Its counterpart is the Triple Burner Organ Energy Meridian Blend. Both support the integration of higher frequency energies through the chakras and endocrine system.

Triple Burner works through the meridian and fields around the endocrine glands, and supports circulating social warm and joy. It is charged in a crystal grid of cavansite, citrine, drusy quartz, nirvana quartz, rose quartz and tiger’s eye crystals. Transform Ease Essence Blend helps to shift emotional states related to metabolic imbalances – like anger and worry – to more balanced states of calm and ease with daily functioning. It is charged in a crystal grid of amethyst, bloodstone, cavansite, chrysocolla and drusy quartz.

Both of these flower essence blends are available at Wise Awakening tripleburnerblendin the Tree Frog Farm display. Or contact me for a custom blend of essences. My next practitioner day at Wise Awakening is Thursday, August 11th. Call 360-758-7260 to schedule

Come into yourself. Notice the seeds of peace and compassion, and cultivate them. They will flower into joy. Dona Nobis Pacem.

InJoy, Diana Pepper