Tarot Reading for Winter

9 of Cups ~ “Happiness”laura.abernathy

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

Our Winter card is the 9 of Cups, Happiness, and our Wise Awakening community remains in the energy of water for its third season in a row. As a long time tarot disciple, I must declare that this is an unusual occurrence! First, in Summer 2017, we experienced the Hanged Man, and then second, in Autumn 2017 we had the 10 of Cups. And now we have the 9 of Cups. This triad of water emphasizes that we are undergoing a profound, deep-rooted emotional transformation.

Over the last three months of Autumn, the 10 of Cups made us ready for a change of the platform we use to engage with people. Up to now we have been very good at relating to people in one particular way, however now we must do it differently – in a way that is more aligned with our authentic self. Now we know what approaches no longer serve us and how to release them from our life. We may have gotten some clarity on new approaches and platforms.

thoth_cups_9Over the next three months of Winter, the 9 of Cups tells us that we have magnificent support in completing this platform change. Hurray! This card represents the purification and crystallization of emotion. It is a return to emotional balance, which manifests in our body chemistry as joy and emotional fulfillment. It can be described as the perfect emotional bond between Souls. This is what authentic emotional connection feels like!

In the imagery of the card, the vines and lotuses are in full health; past relationship misalignments have been overcome. The violet cups (colored for spiritual fulfillment) are placed in three perfect and balanced columns, each cup abundantly feeding the others below. The falling water is saturated with light, indicating a pure connection with the Source, and flows into a clear, sparkling sea. The sky is a soft blue, clear of any impending trouble. The cup arrangement is the geomantic figure called Laetitia (Latin for joy), which represents joy, gladness and wisdom.

Be vigilant though with our timetable. Our three month allotment for this aid is transitory. As blissful and satisfying as emotional nourishment feels, the balance is not designed to last. There is no such thing as a permanent honeymoon. So grab this tremendous opportunity to secure your authentic platform to engage with others. Then you will be impeccably and utterly prepared for the next step in your divine unfolding.

[Note: There are 22 trump cards, also called the Major Arcana, in a tarot deck. Each one describes a chapter in the hero/shero’s journey. This journey can be described as the Soul embarking on a quest to “Know Thyself”, returning home as a fully conscious Being, ready to fulfill one’s unique life purpose. Another way I like to describe this journey is the experience of traveling up the Tree of Life to “see the face of God”, and returning to the physical realm, alive and sane. For you left brain readers….the 22 trump cards start with zero – the Fool – and end with twenty one – the Universe (World).]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy
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Stellar Perspectives from Hungary

by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskóbeatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

It is important to understand the galactic history of our Sun, Solana. We can look at this galactic story as an archetypal mirror of our solar system. Solana, was once a member of the Pleiadian constellation, the little brother of the 7 Pleiadian sisters. In the cycles of Creation, he was an Aquarian child. As he reached the adolescent phase of his existence, his Aquarian drive towards freedom drove him wildly. His rebellious impulses made him feel that he could not hold the slightest intention of following his fate by taking over the prescribed role of his father star, Atlas, who just stood in solid strength.

The inner storms of Solana’s restless soul broke to the surface in enormous solar flares and winds, which were fed day by day by his daydreaming heart’s multitude of desires about the worlds and the exciting adventures that would reflect him. Solana’s inner fire of rebellion rose to such a crescendo that it finally launched him out of the spiral track that he was meant to orbit. His joy was boundless; he did not even look back.

But as Solana fell away from the attraction of the Pleiadian spiral it suddenly seemed as if something had been ripped from his heart and he lost an enormous amount of light, swirling into a giant black abyss. With this, our Sun went through the kind of amnesia reminiscent of the veil of oblivion that descends over us at birth. Solana then stayed in a coma-like state for a long cosmic time during the dark night of the Photon Belt.

Finally, when the Light rays of the Belt returned, Solana experienced his first awakening and started to realize what he had gone through. He started to remember that there was a bond that had once connected him to a much higher dimensional level and a much higher purpose. In response to his dawning awareness the Divine Light of Mercy and forgiveness reached out to him, creating a stellar bridge towards his Pleiadian family.

Our Sun received Mercy and a great opportunity. With this moment of Grace, the genesis of our solar system began. To work on his redemption and return Solana drew the third dimensional planets around himself, each with a different character and potential, each reflecting some aspect of his memory of home.

We can also understand from this that according to the eternal principle of resonance, the souls that are attracted into the Solar System, Solana’s realm, are ones that in some way were rebellious too. Even if it is not an easy mirror, we must say that the memory of a great rebellion is contained in the fate of almost every Earthling. Each has strayed in some way from their predestined path. This is why we are right here, searching together for the opportunity of Redemption, hoping that upon the bridge of a united dream we can all find the lanterns of the pathways leading home. These recognitions can be shocking. They awaken a much deeper understanding that it is incredibly important for the stellar being of the Sun to fulfill his mission, too, and to return to the Pleiades.

The notion of the Ascension is more than Earth ascending to the 5th dimension. This planetary dimensional shift will mean that Solana, together with the complete Solar System, may be laced back into the stellar-spiral of the Pleiades – and he can return to the circle of his sisters to complete his destiny after all.


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From Diana’s Altar …


I am feeling quite nostalgic…which is a regular holiday season occurrence for me. Like many of us, I grew up in a very dysfunctional home and we were also quite poor. I really didn’t know though until I was older, which is a testament to my parents – who were obviously good at camouflaging that fact. As all parents, they did their best. When I was eight years old, we were ecstatic to find a toilet sitting under our Christmas tree with a big red bow tied around it. We had moved into an unfinished home which had yet to have plumbing. (Hey, you haven’t lived until you have used a 5 gallon bucket for a toi toi!)

My Mother had serious allergies but would suffer with hay fever all through Christmas so that we could enjoy a fresh cut tree. (Note: We were one of the first families to purchase one of those horrid fake trees back in the day!) And, most years we would wake up on Christmas morning to stockings filled with fruit and homemade taffy, and there would magically be an abundance of lovingly wrapped presents: A pair of socks, new pajamas, and precious little things one would never consider wrapping now. It always felt abundant. The one special day was filled with laughter, love, sharing, hot cocoa, caroling and foods reserved for only very special occasions. Daddy would even do the dishes! Special was saved for the holidays.

These are the memories I enjoy this time of year. It is the ‘feeling’ of the season which can be very difficult to recreate; except for in your mind. I am so lucky to have these memories and I know that our only legacy to our family and friends is LOVE. And, I am so blessed! Blessed with a wonderful family, great friends and a beautiful community. So filled with Love and Gratitude am I, that I remembered one of my favorite poems. A poem that feels as if it were written for a lover, but I realize now that it can be meant for anyone you love…so today I offer it to YOU!

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year . . . Diana

‘I CARRY YOUR HEART’ by E.E. Cummingsi carry your heart

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)
i fear
no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

The Art of Wu Wei

cherylby Cheryl McNulty, LMP, Mind Body Spirit Fusion Union

You’ve heard the expression, “go with the flow”, but few can really understand or internalize the concept. Wu–wei is a state of mind or realization that when we are on the right track in our lives, things are easy and effortless. The idea of wu-wei is not to literally do nothing, but to know when something in your life is a struggle and when to let go. We are so often in our lives doing what we think we “should” do without taking into consideration if it’s congruent with what makes us healthy and happy. Our lives are filled with work, goals and accomplishments that are designed to get us more “things”.

Yet, how many of us are truly happy doing the work, reaching the goals or accomplishments in order to obtain things that we really don’t need?

Wu-Wei is about allowing yourself to let go of things that don’t serve a purpose in your life. Many of us tend to replay the past and worry about the future. There’s nothing you can do to change the past and how the future plays out is beyond our control. What we really need to do is focus on the present, to engage in the moment, and enjoy focusing on the tasks at hand and connecting with those around you.

The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu related the concept of wu-wei when he explained, “Nature does not hurry, yet all things are accomplished.” When what you do is in direct alignment with your individual contribution to this life, then what you do becomes exhilarating and joyful even though the work may be physically or mentally demanding.

Unfortunately, when situations arise that put one in a position of doing whatever it takes to pay the bills and put food on the table, the last thing to consider is personal happiness. It’s not necessary in most cases to quit your job and move to a tropical island. Small changes in your life can have a huge impact. Get rid of excess items in your environment that are unnecessary, rethink relationships that aren’t working, take up a hobby that makes you feel better about yourself. In time you may be able to take a leap of faith, listen to your inner voice, let go of something major in your life and know that it will be replaced with something better. Life really isn’t supposed to be as difficult as we make it out to be.

Cherish the moments that you have to be good to yourself and others, and life may become much easier for you. When we are so caught up the struggle of daily living, we miss out on opportunities to create joy and happiness. Why push the river when you can go with the flow?


mbsfu_logo_art_225_207_xxMind Body Spirit Fusion Union is a trade association for alternative and complementary healers in northwestern Washington. Monthly meetings focus on personal and professional development, networking, and supporting the community we live in. For more information, see https://mbsfu.com, and go to https://mbsfu.com/mbsfu-blog to read more articles.

Prayers for Balance


MANDY OFFICER[3619]by Mandy Officer

Blessings to you as we enter a new chapter of seasonal change in celebrating the arrival of the autumnal equinox! Today marks the beginning of Navratri, the 9 day Hindu celebration of good over evil, as well as the International Day of Peace promoting respect & dignity for all peoples. What a powerful time to be alive on this planet. Great change is in the air. Collectively we are experiencing an upheaval of the elemental forces which have left millions across the globe without food, water, electricity or shelter. How do we process or feel this much turmoil within our being while somehow still maintaining our center? Even more, how can we quickly act to help our fellow citizens, our relatives, and what is the best use of our energy? It is hard to know which crisis to respond to. In our own region so many have recently lost their homes to wildfires, some carelessly started at the hands of others. In the south floods have ravaged the lands & winds have stripped the landscape bare. Even further south the Earth quakes with intensity while we helplessly watch vides of buildings crumbling & people scrambling for help. Across the globe people & animals are suffering at the imbalance of the elemental forces. What can we do?

In these times of feeling somewhat helpless to the myriad of catastrophes taking place, I am reminded to draw my energy back to myself and breathe, then pray. Whether you believe the forces of nature are intensifying due to climate change, geo-engineering or perhaps God’s way of punishing us for our misdeeds, I think the one thing most of us can agree upon is that a balance needs to be restored. I believe the only way to do this is by healing our relationship with the land. This involves cultivating an appreciation for the gifts of life that surround us. Each day we awake & are able to breathe in fresh air, that is a gift. That first sip of water you take each morning, remember that your life depends on that water. And it is time for all of us who recognize these gifts to stand up & be a voice for the Great Earth Mother, to thank the elemental forces so that they feel honored & appreciated. Indigenous cultures around the world have maintained practices for millennia that have ritually fed & honored these unseen beings. As colonization has stamped out many of these spiritual practices, many people have forgotten that we once held a much more sacred relationship with the Earth. And this is where the balance was maintained.

Recently I returned from an event in South Dakota called the Black Hills Unity Concert. This is a benefit concert to raise awareness around how the treaty rights for the Great Sioux Nation have not been upheld or honored. I have been blessed to support & watch this event grow over the last 4 years. This year, we had representatives of many nations come, an aboriginal elder from Australia, the Kogi tribe from Colombia, a traditional Tibetan musician & healer as well as chiefs of many tribes from across Turtle Island who came together to form an alliance, to stand up & protect this great mother of ours. It was amazingly powerful to witness the signing of a proclamation that recognizes our interdependence for not only our physical survival, but the survival of cultures that have a deep reverence for the gift that is life.

And so we can also make our offerings of gratitude as a way to restore balance, if only to heal our own connection with this primordial force. In this way, each day we can celebrate our own triumph of good over evil as we acknowledge all of the love that this Earth Mother holds for us.

With love,
Mandy Officer

Stellar Perspectives from Hungary


by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskóbeatrixczeizel_anikogresko__2_

We commonly think of stars as glowing aggregations of gas and fire, and thus we assume they could not possibly support life. Do you want to know something exciting, very personally useful and imperative for humanity? There are 230 stars mapped in Volume I and II of the Stellar Nations-Soul Families, The Cosmic History Chronicles of the Milky Way Galaxy that can be reached by our higher consciousness. We can learn to travel through dimensional gates into these completely different worlds. They are full of life, with varied forms of existence, destinies and stories.

Amazingly… we can come to know these stars as sentient beings. Even more amazingly, we can learn that these stars are composed of our soul particles; the stars hold a higher level of ourselves! While we live here on this Earth in our physical bodies, other dimensional aspects of ourselves inhabit various stars, congregating with other souls by mutual affinity; based on where we are on our Soul’s galactic journey and what we want to experience and learn. It is as if the various stars that we inhabit form the framework or “skeleton” for our larger Celestial Body. If you can take this concept in, you will realize that it is possible to know yourself on much vaster levels than our ordinary 3rd dimensional existence.

How does one learn all this? The Stellar Nations Volumes are living holographic maps. As one reads, lives and breathes with this information, exploring and absorbing each Stellar Nation, one comes to understand the mission and character of each Soul Family and the Light and Shadow qualities they carry. This is so helpful because these are OUR light and shadow qualities that we need to understand and work with to evolve as humans. As humans, we are meant to embody the different Stellar Nations and, over time, as one assimilates the understanding of the Soul Families, one gains the “language” necessary to really know and live more consciously with the higher dimensions. It is not a language of words; it is a language of dynamics, inner references and pictures that your higher Celestial Self can use to communicate your own secrets to you. This allows you to blossom into a grounded multi-dimensional understanding that comes from within and provides you with your truth.

Further, your Antares Code delineates your personal star imprints, your unique “Stellar Mantle”. Working with your Antares Code, understanding which stellar worlds and soul families you are reflected by, provides understanding of your soul’s unique galactic history and brings deep healing insights.

When we start to know the actual emanating powers and codes of the stars, the harmonizing and re-coding forces sent by the Celestials get a meaning. Comprehending the stellar codes opens memories and revelations in our consciousness. Then the spiritual power that comes from deeper understanding expands from that time on. But the full potency of the stellar rays that bathe us cannot be realized when we don’t know the stellar codes. Existence on Earth is defined by the frequency level of the collective consciousness of her inhabitants. To raise our collective dream into a Higher Reality, we need to perceive the true scope of our galactic beings.

To learn more, you can check the Blog section of the Stellar Nations website as that reflects on different aspects of the Stellar Nations cosmology. https://stellarnations.wordpress.com/

It is also very potent to follow the Messages of the Stars which are posted routinely. (Follow on Facebook or the SN website http://stellarnations.com/ ). These Messages tell of the stellar ray/s that are bathing us during a given period.


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Tarot Reading for Fall 2017


laura.abernathy10 of Cups

by Laura Abernathy, CPC, ELI-MP

Fall this year runs from September 22nd, 1:02 pm PDT, through December 21st, 8:28 am PST.

With the 10 of Cups, Satiety, as our Autumn card, our Wise Awakening community continues forward in the energy of water. As the watery Hanged Man trump card of Summer closes out, ask yourself if you felt that sense of receptivity flowing through the season? Was it easier to surrender to your Divine Higher Self? I would wager than any remaining blocks were wetly swept away in these final weeks like category 5 hurricanes!

The Hanged Man was a perfect entry into our emotional evolution. And having the 10 of Cups as our next road sign tells us that we have done very well in that emotional transformation. In Summer with the Hanged Man, we stood on the high dive board above the dark, menacing ocean of transformation, trembling with fear and courage, and dove in. The 10 of Cups says that we have surfaced amidst a now calm sea, exhausted yet reborn.


This means that, after a brief rest, we are ready for the next phase. First it is best tofocus on some basics like doing laundry, cleaning out the fridge and putting away the patio furniture. While we feel great peace from our recent deep inner work, we will begin to recognize a simmering desire for a change. As Fall moves into Winter, we will see this simmering come to a full boil and demand all of our attention. Approaching this new game we are being called to play, we will need maturity and balance. For the sake of our loved ones, we need to do our best to avoid criticism of others because our “inner lava” can do great harm right now.

This is a time to clarify what platform is best for us to engage with people emotionally, and it is time to take action to initiate it. For example, have you been working with people primarily one to one? Maybe it is time to work with groups. Have you been working from home over the phone or virtually? Maybe it is time to set up an office in town to see people in person. Have you been mostly working behind the scenes? Maybe it is time to be front and center. Have you been working in direct sales? Maybe it is time to write a book on effective selling. You have just completed a major life cycle (possibly decades long) doing it the current way, and it is time to be YOU in a better way!

In the imagery of the card, the ten cups are arranged as the Tree of Life. Behind the Tree is a sky reflecting a reddish glow of irritation. This illustrates the intense need for a complete and massive change of scenery, background or environment for the Soul to move into its next best form. Avoiding the need for this change will result in our misery and recycling back into old patterns that will not serve anyone. You already dove off the high dive board internally. Now it’s time to dive off the high dive board externally!

[Note: There are 22 trump cards, also called the Major Arcana, in a tarot deck. Each one describes a chapter in the hero/shero’s journey. This journey can be described as the Soul embarking on a quest to “Know Thyself”, returning home as a fully conscious Being, ready to fulfill one’s unique life purpose. Another way I like to describe this journey is the experience of traveling up the Tree of Life to “see the face of God”, and returning to the physical realm, alive and sane. For you left brain readers….the 22 trump cards start with zero – the Fool – and end with twenty one – the Universe (World).]

© 2016-2017 Laura M. Abernathy
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